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6th May 2019 by Dan Cross

The 10 Best Summer Holiday Destinations In 2019

Summer is almost upon us. Hotels are booking up quickly and flights are selling fast. Travelling is good for your health and happiness, so don’t miss out! Find your late deal for an exciting yet affordable summer holiday adventure and make the most out of this warm, relaxing season.


The Nile Egypt summer holiday my late deals

For the first time since 2011, Egypt’s travel industry is showing signs of resurgence. Despite fears, Egypt has worked with foreign governments to keep visitors safe and protected. The industry has also encouraged tourists to return by building new, stylish hotels and offering innovative experiences. For instance, a $1 billion marble temple has been built to house numerous historical treasures, including displaying King Tutankhamun’s tomb as it was discovered.

2019 is the perfect time to take a summer holiday in Egypt; the country is safe and entertainment is prevalent, but the queues are yet to reach pre-2011 levels.

Bodrum, Turkey

bodrum turkey summer holiday my late deals

Despite its long and fascinating history, modern Bodrum has largely been a sleepy little port and fishing district. However, with a peninsula full of warm water, laid back beaches, and the recent return of London flights to nearby locations, new life is being breathed into the region. Smart hotels, world-class restaurants, nightclubs and beach events, and a jaw-dropping yacht scene are transforming Bodrum into a luxury summer holiday location.


iceland summer holiday my late deals

Just as a winter visit will afford you a spectacular view of the Northern Lights because of the long nights, the summertime is when Iceland has almost 24 hours of daylight.

Most of the country’s most popular landmarks are located near Reykjavik. However, to see some of Iceland’s most spectacular waterfalls, sweeping landscapes, and charming hamlets, you should hire a car and hit the road; its ring road, Route 1, which circumnavigates almost the entire island.

The wonderful thing about visiting for your summer holiday is that you can take your time. Took too long at one location and now running late to arrive at tonight’s campsite? No problem; the sun is still up and you can easily see where you’re going. After all, midnight in Iceland in the summer appears like 7pm in the UK in August.


mauritius summer holiday my late deals

Mauritius’ rain season begins mid-December and starts to dissipate around May…just in time for your summer holiday! With clear blue skies, African sunshine, and sandy beaches, this island is as colourful as it is varied. Snorkel through reefs with giant tortoises, hike stunning national parks, or try your hand at undersea walking!

Despite being on the same latitude as Zimbabwe and Botswana, the cool winds from the Indian Ocean mean temperatures on Mauritius are warm without being uncomfortable.

Amalfi Coast, Italy

amalfi coast italy summer holiday my late deals

The Amalfi Coast is one of Southern Italy’s most beautiful gems which visitors miss if they don’t stray from the popular city destinations. This winding road atop steep cliffs overlooks the ocean on one side and the Valle del Ferriere Reserve on the other. Thus, tourists spend their summer holiday discovering dense forest, historic cities, serene beaches and coves, and towns built into the hillside with pastel-coloured buildings. The coastline is a testament to how manmade architecture and nature can exist in harmony.


bulgaria sunny beach summer holiday my late deals

Bulgaria is all too frequently overlooked as a superb summer holiday destination for families, water sports enthusiasts, and sun-worshippers. In particular, the east coast touches the not-quite-but-almost landlocked Black Sea. The weather here is warmer and drier than the rest of the country, so tourists can relish beneath a hot, reliable sun all summer long. The area is full of relaxed resorts, most beaches have fun activities and lazy sun loungers, and nearby towns offer insight into the region’s diverse culture.

We highly recommend the Sunny Beach Resort for some of the best deals, accommodation, and service!


madeira summer holiday my late deals

Madeira has long had a reputation for being a summer holiday destination for the refined and elegant. While that is still the case in some parts of the island, with luxury hotels and high-calibre eateries throughout, Madeira is increasingly embracing its wild side, too. The wild Atlantic Ocean makes Madeira a dream—albeit a challenging one—for surfers around the globe. And its rocky, mountainous landscape and dense jungle are perfect for canyoning, hiking, mountain biking, paragliding, and a whole range of other adventurous activities.

Florida, USA

orlando florida disneyworld usa summer holiday my late deals

If you’re travelling with kids (even if they are kids only on the inside) for your 2019 summer holiday, then few places can rival Orlando, Florida. Hot, reliable weather, lush and wild everglades to explore, a huge selection of restaurants and luxury hotels to choose from, and, of course, some of the greatest theme parks on the planet.


cancún mexico summer holiday my late deals

Mexico’s Caribbean Coast is an exciting mix of welcoming resorts, ancient Aztec ruins, rich food and art, and provocative adventure. Cancún has become the most popular tourist spot in the region in recent years; although we would equally recommend Playacar, Riviera Maya, and Playa del Carmen. Sociable, friendly locals and loud, colourful bars and restaurants make it a thrilling party destination; but quiet, family-friendly areas, activities, and tours are equally prevalent.


dubrovnik croatia summer holiday my late deals

Croatia is a favourite summer holiday location among cruise ships sailing the Mediterranean. The historic town of Dubrovnik is one of the world’s best-preserved medieval cities, with enchanting gardens, winding streets, and high defensive walls; all against a flush landscape of green forest and azure blue ocean.

But one day is not enough to truly know this beautiful country. Explore further and you will spend afternoons lazing on soft beaches in sun-trapping coves, walk through lavender vineyards, swim around small, picturesque islands, and hike through one of Croatia’s many national parks.

Ready to book your summer holiday away? Find your late deal and get excited!