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21st January 2019 by Dan Cross

Best Destination Holidays in February 2019

February is arguably one of the most difficult times in the UK. Christmas and New Year’s have been and gone, and we are left with dark days and cold nights as we eagerly look forward to spring. Whether you want to embrace the cold by going all in, or escaping to a warm destination, the best way to survive the worst of winter is to treat yourself to a break in one of these incredible holidays in February.

Lapland, Finland

holidays in february my late deals lapland finland

If dark skies and cold weather are your thing, Lapland is the perfect holiday in February. Most tourists visit at Christmas to take advantage of Santa’s Village. Thus, a getaway in February is quieter, while the snow remains thick and full for skiing, dog-sledding, or relaxing in one of the iconic ice hotels. The days might be short, but the night sky will entertain you with prime viewing of nature’s very own light show: The Northern Lights.

Ibiza, Canary Islands

holidays in february my late deals ibiz spain canary islands

While this renowned party destination is undoubtedly at its peak during the summer, the Ibiza weather remains warm throughout February. Rainfall is low, so you can enjoy soaking up the sun on one of the sandy beaches. And free of the summer crowds! Parties are still going on in clubs and local carnivals, where even the island residents will join you in a dance. It is also a great time to scoop up some bargains. Hotels and bars will try to entice customers inside with off-season deals.

Venice, Italy

holidays in february my late deals venice italy

Winter is a popular season for carnivals around the world, and for quick getaway for your holiday in February, consider Venice. City inhabitants and holidaymakers from all over Italy come to don bird-like masks, performers entertain in every street, and even the gondolas are decorated. The romantic atmosphere perfectly merges the upbeat personality of Italians with this unique city to delight your senses with an unforgettable and surreal experience.

Sri Lanka

holidays in february my late deals sri lanka

Where can you enjoy 20 to 30-degree heat in the winter, golden beaches, ancient ruins, wildlife in protected, natural environments, and cleanse your body, soul, and mind all at once, all without breaking the bank? Sri Lanka might be a small island, but it is full of diverse culture, history, nature, and landscapes to suit any holidaymaker. Winter is also the best time to travel as it is the dry season.

Reykjavik, Iceland

holidays in february my late deals reykjavik iceland

Despite being a capital city, Reykjavik only has a population of 122,000 (almost half the total population of the country), so it is small, cosy, and welcoming. Being so far north in the winter, you will only have a few hours of sunlight per day, but can enjoy stargazing and the northern lights at night. Roads are icy in the winter, so it is recommended you not stray too far from the city. Fortunately, Iceland’s Golden Circle—the Blue Lagoon, Þingvellir National Park, the Gullfoss waterfall, and the geothermal geysers of Haukadalur—is nearby.

Hawaii, USA

holidays in february my late deals hawaii

Hawaii makes for a treasured island holiday in February. Temperatures are consistently in the low to mid-twenties all through the year. Also, rainfall is lower in February than the wet seasons on either side of the month. The volcanic island is a paradise for surfers, beach-lovers, explorers, and hikers, while also being full of comfortable hotels, luxury resorts, and delicious food. Also, as a US state, the islanders speak English and are accustomed to offering holidaymakers excellent service.


holidays in february my late deals morocco

Morocco is the perfect blend of exotic and romantic. The country’s location has seen it marked by a long association between the Islamic East, the Mediterranean, and Africa. Morocco has proudly taken the best from each of these distinct cultures and melded them to create something truly unique. Holidays in February are cool without being cold. So tourists don’t have to worry about stifling humidity while shopping the mudbrick stores and shaded bazaars for some of the world’s most beautiful ornaments and furnishings. Its proximity to the coast means Morocco is a delightful beach location. Although adventurous types might want to ride a camel or jeep out into the desert to explore ruins and dunes under the sun and stars.

Goa, India

holidays in february my late deals goa india

Goa provides winter sun, cheap but tasty food, paradise beaches, and loud music long into the night. There are plenty of family-friendly beaches and resorts for those wanting a relaxed stay, too. February is the perfect time to visit because the temperatures are warm without being uncomfortably hot. And the dry season is in full effect, so you don’t have to worry about rain.

St Lucia, Caribbean

holidays in february my late deals st saint lucia

The Caribbean Islands deliver the most delightful and restful holidays in February, but Saint Lucia deserves special attention. Its west coast has some of the region’s most stunning beaches. Meanwhile the defining twin volcanoes provide entertaining and challenging hikes. From all-inclusive hotels to luxury resorts, the islanders will welcome you and treat you like royalty. To top if off, February temperatures are high and the sunshine is prevalent and reliable.

New Orleans, USA

holidays in february my late deals new orleans usa

While the iconic French Quarter and prevalent Blues music are the heart and soul of this iconic city, visiting at any other time of year will conjure locals to exclaim: ‘You really should come during Mardi Gras.’ This traditionally French Catholic tradition is held for two weeks in February and has become renowned as one of the world’s biggest and greatest festivals, annually attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the United States. The city averages 13˚C in February. But the good music and cheerful dancing will keep you warm and treat you to a holiday like none other.