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22nd July 2019 by Dan Cross

Top 20 Travel Songs to Inspire Your Next Holiday

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If you’re deciding whether to book your next holiday, or already have your tickets but want a playlist to accompany your journey, these are the travel songs to get you excited about journeying off on a new adventure.

1. Peter, Paul and Mary – Leaving on a Jet Plane

Let’s kick things off with a classic; everyone knows “Leaving on a Jet Plane”, making it perfect for sing-a-longs on your way to the airport.

2. The Beatles – Ticket to Ride

In the same vain as above, “Ticket to Ride” by The Beatles never fails to lift the mood and invoke thoughts of holidays.

3. Jose Gonzalez – Step Out

This song featured as one of the themes in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty; a movie about a man so caught up in his mundane life that he daydreams excessively. When life finally presents an opportunity to break away and travel, the daydreams are replaced with a real adventure. The song perfectly captures this feeling. It’s not hard to imagine driving down a sunny coastal highway with the top down and this song filling the air waves.

4. Katie James – Rompiendo Muros

Katie James is an Irish-Colombian rising star. Her unique mix of styles, powerful voice, and professional writing talent merge to form memorable, meaningful, and international music. Rompiendo Muros, or breaking walls to us English speakers, is a song about being born free and our innate need to explore.

5. Lynyrd Skynyrd – Free Bird

Lynyrd Skynyrd’s classic, “Free Bird”, is about how we shouldn’t tie ourselves down. Instead, we should embrace our free spirit and call to adventure. The lyrics are meaningful and will tempt you to travel; but when the solo kicks in, you’ll already be packing your bags before it’s over.

6. Foster the People – Houdini

A song about reaching your potential, feeling tied down, and that feeling of a need to escape all rolled into one. It’s upbeat tone and fast pace will get your blood racing.

7. Foo Fighters – Learn to Fly

Not just one of the best travel songs of all time, but one of the best music videos ever made, too. Fact.

8. Eddie Vedder – Guaranteed

Another song about the magic of wandering from place to place, meeting people and indulging new experiences. This song was made famous from the 2007 movie, Into the Wild (another of our most inspirational travel movies), and has inspired backpackers ever since.

9. George Ezra – Budapest

The song’s European setting and theme of embracing change has helped it become associated with travel.

10. Red Hot Chilli Peppers – Road Trippin’

“Road Trippin’” is exactly what it sounds like: a song about three friends leaving behind their worries to hit the road and have fun. Isn’t that what travel is all about?

11. Ark Life – Some Unheroic Hill

“Some Unheroic Hill” is about how life kicks us all, but we must stay positive and kick back. There are a few lyrics which can be tentatively linked to travel, but the main reason we have included it here is because of the positive attitude and love of life it inspires. After all, travel has the same effect.

12. Little Talks – Of Monsters and Men

Another song with an implicit message of, ‘try to not worry, everything will be alright.’ Both songs are ultimately encouraging us to live life to the full. In our book, that means taking numerous and frequent holidays!

13. American Authors – Best Day of My Life

An unapologetically optimistic song about the universe calling us to be happy and enjoy every day as if there are no limits.

14. Golden Earring – Radar Love

The incessant rolling rhythm of this dirty rock track perfectly encapsulates its lyrics of a man driving through the night to reach his partner. It’s a simple but effective song, and will make you hopeful for new sunrises, too.

15. The Weepies – World Spins Madly On

The subject matter might be depressing; it’s about a someone who is struggling to get over the loss of a loved one while the rest of the world carries on. But the message here is clear: the world won’t stop, so try to move on and have fun.

16. Whitesnake – Here I Go, Again

Speaking of songs about moving on after a breakup, is any more appropriate at encouraging indefinite travel and adventure to mend a broken heart than Whitesnake’s “Here I Go, Again”?

The answer is no. No, there is not.

17. Asaf Avidan – One Day, Baby, We’ll Be Old (Wankelmut Remix)

The marching beat of this folktronica remix gives a sense of movement while the lyrics remind us throughout that time is limited; so, we must make the most of every precious moment.

18. Garry Schyman – Trip the Light

A hopeful song about the importance of challenging ourselves to explore the unknown, discover new perspectives, and unlock our potential. In other words, everything we do when we travel somewhere new.

19. Tracy Chapman – Fast Car

“Fast Car” viscerally invokes that feeling of travelling at night to escape our worries. When the world outside is quiet and still, and we feel liberation leaving behind one world, and excitement at the infinite possibilities of what we might soon discover.

20. John Denver – Take Me Home, Country Roads

Let’s end this travel songs playlist as we began it; with a classic that everyone knows, and for good reason. When it’s time for your holiday to come to an end, this is the song which will make you long for the familiar.

Ready to listen to these travel songs the way they are meant to be enjoyed? Find a late holiday deal, book your next adventure, and ready your playlist.