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4th March 2019 by Dan Cross

Benefit of Travelling: Why It Is Good for You

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Taking a holiday or time off work to travel is often seen as a luxury. More and more, we view it as a short break to rest and recharge our batteries. Where we can sleep in later, rest on a beach, be spoilt in a hotel. And then are expected to return to work, ready to go. But travelling is so much more and provides numerous other benefits to our well-being—physically, mentally, and socially—and we should prioritise it more in our lives.

Benefit of Travelling #1: Learning About the World…

benefit of travelling my late deals mylatedeals

Travelling is an opportunity to meet people from other nations first-hand. To hear their stories, and see the pleasures and challenges in their lives. This frequently lead to making (often lifelong) friends with people of completely different backgrounds to you. But what you learn will likely positively influence your thinking about the world at large and how we humans interact with one another, also.

Benefit of Travelling #2: …Including Your Home Country

benefit of travelling my late deals mylatedeals

Similarly, we have a habit of learning about the positive aspects of our country’s history, while ignoring the less savoury chapters. And, like most countries, we tend to be biased when talking about our own achievements compared to others.

Travelling allows you to view your home country through the eyes of others: the good, the bad, and the ugly. While this may expose you to some unfair or unfounded comments, it will also open your eyes to aspects of your home country you were hereto unaware, and so expand your perspectives.

Benefit of Travelling #3: You Develop Meaningful Connections with Others…

benefit of travelling my late deals mylatedeals

Travelling disconnects us in a way we are rarely able to do at home. Not being at work can mean you are more relaxed when interacting with new people. And being disconnected from devices will make you more aware of what is happening around you.

Better yet, the same thing happens to others, meaning they are more present, as well. Whether you holiday alone or with others, travelling has a way of opening people up to one another. Allowing friendships between strangers to blossom. Whether you make a friend for life or just a few days, these are some of the most meaningful exchanges you can have with another person.

Benefit of Travelling #4: …And with Yourself

benefit of travelling my late deals mylatedeals

It might sound cliché to say travelling helps you “find yourself”, but it is true. By removing the distractions of modern devices, work demands, and social pressures, you free yourself up to explore other aspects of your personality. You might discover a new talent, find a social group that makes you feel more at ease than usual, or learn how you react under a certain kind of pressure. This is all useful information you can then feed back into your everyday life to develop your long-term happiness.

Benefit of Travelling #5: It Keeps Your Heart Healthy…

benefit of travelling my late deals mylatedeals

Travelling literally keeps you fit! Fact! A 20-year-long global study found that women who travel at least twice per year are eight times less likely to develop heart disease than those who holiday once every six years or less. This is because travelling naturally leads to more physical activity than many of our everyday routines allow. Climbing mountains, hiking jungles, swimming oceans, and touring city streets all contribute to stronger physical health.

Benefit of Travelling #6: …And Stimulates the Brain

benefit of travelling my late deals mylatedeals

The more new experiences and challenges we expose ourselves too, the more we stimulate the brain, improve memory and cognition, and develop our creativity. Most of us are familiar with the term “muscle memory”. When you do the same thing so often that it becomes second nature and you can perform the act without being conscious of it. Travelling is the opposite of this because you are constantly exposed to new stimuli. Be it trying to communicate in a different language, finding your way around, or discovering a beautiful or interesting destination.

This stimulation of the brain help reverse negative mental conditions, like depression. But it also works to stimulate memories, ideas, and desires which then make us more effective at work or in our hobbies.

Benefit of Travelling #7: You Learn to Appreciate Home Comforts…

benefit of travelling my late deals mylatedeals

Whether you choose to camp in a humid jungle or spend your holiday being pampered in a five-star hotel, you cannot take all your home comforts with you on holiday. Even if you somehow are able to do so, eventually you will miss those who are important to you but are far away at home. Friends, family, pets, etc. When we are home all the time, it is easy to start to take these comforts and our loved ones for granted. “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” and you will find yourself returning home with a newfound appreciation for the little things that make home such a sweet place to be.

Benefit of Travelling #8: …And That You Can Never Fully Scratch That Travel Itch

benefit of travelling my late deals mylatedeals

But don’t expect to stay there for long. Once you’ve developed a taste for travelling, you will never feel completely satisfied. We inhabit a big world, full of interesting places to see and people to meet, and no sooner will you be home that you will want to book your next trip.

Don’t worry, this is actually a good thing! You’ve seen from this list that travelling is positive for your well-being, and the desire to buy your next plane ticket will ensure you don’t let yourself fall back into old habits for too long.

So, now that you know how beneficial travelling is for you, isn’t it time you booked your next journey of discovery, adventure, and relaxation? Take a look at all our current deals and start putting your wellbeing first.