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18th February 2019 by Dan Cross

Best Travel Destinations for The Easter Holidays

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There was a time when we knew with a fair deal of certainty that spring was the time of year when the weather became warmer. Yet, in 2018, the UK was hit by the Beast from the East, and large parts of the UK were covered in snow and ice. Weather experts are predicting another cold snap may hit in spring 2019, too. Fortunately, MyLateDeals has you covered! If a snowstorm is due at home this spring, these are the top travel destinations for your Easter holidays to guarantee great weather.


aruba easter holidays my late deals

Aruba is a white sand island just 15 miles off the north coast of Venezuela, yet it is actually part of the Kingdom of Netherlands. Despite being a Caribbean island, it lies outside the hurricane zone. And while it is relatively close to the equator, the constant trade winds keep the island a delightful 27˚C throughout the year.

The island is small and flat, so the main reason to holiday here is for the world-class resorts at Palm Beach. This is a getaway to sunbathe, swim, enjoy water sports, and sip cocktails by (or in) the pool. When the sun is strong or sets for the evening, continue your relaxation in a spa, enjoy some duty-free shopping, or visit the numerous animal sanctuaries, rock formations, and caves across the island.

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Caribbean Coast, Mexico

mexico caribbean coast easter holidays my late deals

Mexico’s Caribbean Coast offers easy access to acquainted Aztec ruins and bustling cities, while being a luxurious place to stay. Cancún is probably the most famous spot in the region. The attractive peninsula is full of vibrant beaches, extravagant resorts, and a sociable bar scene. Of course, as Cancún has grown in popularity, it has become busier; but there are other wonderful places to book your stay!

Reverse a chic villa in Playacar, plan a spiritual retreat in Riviera Maya, swim among the coral reefs of Playa del Carmen, or escape to paradise on Isla Mujeres.

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Crete, Greece

crete easter holidays my late deals

Crete is the perfect place for your Easter holidays if you or your travel buddies like a warm escape which offers a little of everything. Unwind on the soft beaches or hiking gorges, mountains, and vineyards to immerse yourself in the best natural views the Mediterranean has to offer. Romance your loved ones with exquisite-yet-cheap food and sing and dance with the friendly locals. Travel back in time and discover Minoan ruins that date back almost 4,000 years. And let loose your adventurous spirit via caving, horse riding, and water sports.

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Dominican Republic

dominican republic easter holidays my late deals

The island of Hispaniola lies where the Caribbean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean, meaning its tropical conditions enjoy some seasonal changes. Fortunately, the best time to visit is during the spring and Easter holidays, as weather is reliably warm and dry. The Dominican Republic comprises the eastern two-thirds of the island, while Haiti occupies the remaining space.

The Dominican Republic is a quiet tourist getaway with a cosmopolitan capital, fabulous beaches and bays in the north, and a wild, unblemished valleys to the southwest. However, most visitors will want to flock to the all-inclusive, deluxe resorts to the southeast, especially the world-famous Punta Cana.

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Florida, USA

florida easter holidays my late deals

The Sunshine State is worthy of its name; by the time you are ready to book your Easter holidays in spring, it is already averaging 22˚C. As the daddy of theme park locations, including the magical Disneyland, few places rival Orlando for unforgettable family fun. But don’t be fooled into thinking Florida is a one-trick pony.

For a taste of the good life, Miami awaits: whether you want seaside hotels; fancy restaurants; or first-rate party nightlife! However, if you want to be close to the main Orlando attractions but far enough to enjoy some peace and quiet, too, book a stay in one of the neighbouring regions, like the residential City of Kissimmee or the picturesque Lake Buena Vista.

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Porto Santo, Portugal

porto santo madeira portugal easter holidays my late deals

Porto Santo is a small island in the North Atlantic, northeast of the Portuguese archipelago of Madeira. It may seem like its in the middle of nowhere, but is only a few hours by plane from mainland Europe. And it offers the benefits of a European holiday destination with reliable African sunshine.

The island makes for some extremely tranquil Easter holidays. Its soothing, sandy beaches have become associated with having spiritual and physical body healing properties. There is also a striking golf course, pleasing walks, and exceptional views to relish in peace and quiet. Visitors seeking moments of more intense activity need only take the short plane or ferry ride to Madeira; and bask in the archipelago’s own secrets and delights.

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Rome, Italy

rome italy easter holidays my late deals

For an option a little closer to home, Rome is one of the world’s most culturally rich and romantic cities—and recently featured on our list of 8 dream holiday destinations of influential women as US tennis legend Serena Williams’ favourite getaway.

Perhaps you want to enjoy your Easter holidays with a weekend escape, taking short walking tours of the city and its many sites. Easter is an excellent time to visit the Vatican and witness the religious festivities. Or possibly you’d like to go for longer; to use the city as a base to travel. By car or train to the citrus orchards and grape vineyards in the north. And the ruins of ghostly Pompeii in the south. Rome may be a capital city, but its superb sites, excellent eateries, and warm spring evenings demand its visitors take life slowly.

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