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29th July 2019 by Dan Cross

How to Travel Asia on £10 or Less per Day

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As tourism throughout Asia grows, so do prices rise in popular destinations. Fortunately, if you’re prepared to think outside the box a little, it remains very easy to travel Asia on a budget of just £10 per day.


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Eat Street Food

In the West, we have an innate mistrust of street food because we are used to eating in restaurants. However, street food is some of the most delicious, most inventive in the world. It is the best way to discover how locals eat and to interact with them (which can often lead to other money-saving opportunities and unique experiences, like being pointed to a spot few other tourists know about).

Best of all, street food is incredibly cheap, especially in Asia. You can regularly find large, hot, tasty meals throughout parts of the continent for less than £1. In other words, you get more for less than any popular fast food chain.

Eat, Shop, and Party Like a Local

A restaurant with a lot of locals and few tourists is a clear sign that prices are lower and plates often more filling. Ask around when the best time to eat is, too. Locals know when food is freshest or meal deals are in operation.

Carry this train of thought into other day-to-day aspects, too. Tourists will naturally flock towards shopping centres, clubs, and bars which are convenient to access and well-advertised. These will also be the most expensive places. Meanwhile, locals know where the best deals are available.

Learn to Haggle

Let’s face it. Unless you are of Asian heritage, you will stand out wherever you go. Consequently, vendors are likely to raise their prices to see if they can get some more money out of you. It’s not uncommon to be charged up to 10 times the original amount.

Don’t take this personally. Haggling is a huge aspect of the culture throughout Asia, even in the big cities. But you should do it, too! Always refuse the first price and counter-offer a lower price (seriously, go 5-10 times lower than what they are asking); then, know when to walk away. More often than not, the vendor will chase after you with a more reasonable offer.

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Use Public Transport or Rent a Bike

Just as vendors might raise their prices when they see you coming, so might taxi drivers charge more. Even if they keep their metre running, some will take you on an impromptu tour of the city, knowing you don’t know the most direct routes to your destination.

Meanwhile, public transport is much cheaper. Buses in Thailand, for example, cost around 50p or less for short trips.

However, public transport in a new city where you don’t speak the language can be a bit daunting. An even cheaper alternative, and one which affords you greater freedom, is to rent a bike (pedal or motor). Prices vary, but you will typically pay about £2-2.50 per day.

Exercise Your Legs

Of course, a totally free method of transportation is to walk. If you carry the philosophy that life is in the journey, not the destination, then you can take your time and explore a little more en route.

Obviously, this isn’t always practical over long distances. A free alternative which remains common in Asia is hitchhiking.

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Consider Alternatives to Main Tourist Sites

If you want to travel Asia on £10 or less per day, interacting with the locals truly is the best way to find bargains. As well as finding the best places to eat and shop, they can also point you to hidden, cheaper gems, like quiet beaches or alternative national parks, that few other tourists know about. It might involve a little out-of-the-way travelling—but you already know now how to save money on transport.

Find Free Activities

Asia is a big place with wildly varying countries and peoples, each which like to celebrate with frequent festivals and events. As many of these take place in public spaces and invite locals and tourists, alike, to join in, they are free to attend and a mesmerising glimpse into the local culture.

Also, keep a look out, search online, and ask at tourist offices for any free local events or tours.

Don’t Miss Out…But Do Your Research First

All that being said, don’t miss out on visiting popular locations entirely. Sure, you might need to spend a little more and fight some crowds. But this is your adventure, and if you really want to see somewhere on the main tourist trail, by all means, visit.

Still, time your visit accordingly. Most paid attractions run deals throughout the year; especially during the off season. Some offer family or student discounts, while others might have partnerships with specific tour companies or hotels to give big reductions on ticket prices.

Check online before you book your visit for tips from other travellers for the cheapest times to visit and best deals available.

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Track Your Spending

Finally, and this isn’t for everyone, but we recommend tracking your spending. It might sound boring to keep one eye on a spreadsheet throughout your holiday, but it is the best way to monitor your outgoings and to identify where you are overspending. Also, by taking 5 minutes to record your costs each evening, you will keep your budget at the forefront of your mind. This will make you more inclined to save the pennies where possible, hunt for deals and free events, and challenge yourself to interact with the locals.

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Ready to travel Asia for just £10 per day? Check out our late holidays deals and book your next adventure.