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9th December 2019 by Dan Cross

15 of the Best Gifts for Travel Lovers

Christmas is around the corner and it’s time to fill the stockings of friends and loved ones. If someone in your life has the wanderlust, then you will want to get them something to either inspire their next holiday or that is useful while they travel. Or perhaps it is you who wants a reason to book your next great getaway. So, whether you are looking for ideas for yourself or someone else, here are 15 of the best gifts for travel lovers intending to holiday in 2020.

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my late deals gifts for travel lovers inspiration

1. Scratch-Off Map

Let’s start with one of the fun gifts for travel lovers, regardless of age or means to travel. A scratch map looks great on any wall. And while it is never enjoyable to come home after a wonderful holiday abroad, the act of scratching off the country to mark it as somewhere you have been is extremely satisfying.

2. Globe Lamp

If you are buying a present for a child with wanderlust—or perhaps a child in an adult’s body—then the perfect addition to their bedside table is a globe lamp. Every bedtime will remind them of the big world around us and how much left there is to explore.


my late deals gifts for travel lovers packing

3. Portable Luggage Scale

Okay, so now we are moving on to the more practical gifts for travel lovers. Anyone who has ever been on a plane with checked luggage knows the fear of accidentally overpacking and exceeding an airline’s weight allowance. Charges are often excessive, and holidays should be about relaxing. Give yourself or your loved one peace of mind with a portable luggage scale.

4. Luggage Tag and Locks

A luggage tag and locks are also some of the most useful gifts for travel lovers, but people assume they are boring, so no-one ever buys them. A strong, long-lasting luggage tag ensures there is never any doubt about who owns the travel bags, and the traveller can dispense with having to replace the paper ones which tear on every journey. Similarly, a strong lock helps keep out any prying thieves.

5. Cord Organiser

People travel with more and more electronics these days. From phones and tablets to cameras and laptops, all these devices have cables to power them. Save your friend or family member from rummaging through bags of tangled wires and buy them a purpose-built cord organiser bag to keep everything orderly and accessible.

Essential Electronics

my late deals gifts for travel lovers electronics

6. Portable Charger

Speaking of electronic devices, one of the most essential is a portable charger. This is especially necessary if you or your loved one is planning to travel off the beaten track for some time. Portable chargers come in a range of battery sizes, with some able to charge dozens of devices, from a phone to a tablet, before they themselves need to be plugged back into the mains.

7. Universal Travel Adapter

A travel adapter is easily forgotten until the moment you try to plug something into the wall to charge. Only then do you remember your holiday destination uses a different type of plug socket and voltage. But while there are cheaper options available, a universal power adapter is one of the best gifts for travel lovers, because once they have one, they will never need another for any trip, anywhere, ever again!

8. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Noise-cancelling headphones serve multiple functions. First and foremost, they provide excellent sound quality while enjoying the perfect travel soundtrack or settling down in the evening to watch a movie on the laptop. However, they also lend the user some peace and quiet, doubling as earplugs on a noisy plane, train, or bus.


my late deals gifts for travel lovers comfort

9. Eye Mask

While the headphones will help block out the noise, a comfortable, durable eye mask is the ideal Christmas present for a traveller who struggles to sleep on public transport. Even if you/they travel by plane and night and the cabin crew turns off the lights, passengers’ overhead lights and TV screens can disturb a light sleeper, so help them out with this great gift.

10. Waterproofs (bag, coat, etc.)

Like the universal travel adaptor, good quality waterproofs are another of the gifts for travel lovers that an inexperienced explorer won’t realise are essential until it is too late. Whether you decide to buy an all-weather jacket, a waterproof bag, or durable hiking boots, the receiver will appreciate keeping the cold and wet weather off their skin and belongings while exploring exotic locations.

11. Quick-Dry Towel

For the traveller who wants to pack light or keep the weight in their luggage down, we recommend a quick-dry towel. They are low-cost, durable, and you’ll barely notice them in your bags.


my late deals gifts for travel lovers entertainment

12. Travel Journal

Travel journals or diaries are a simple yet effective way to make the most out of any holiday. With all the new places, people, and experiences each new place brings, it can be easy to forget to stop and reflect. Recording your thoughts and achievements are the perfect way to take a moment for some introspection and personal growth. Plus, no travel souvenir is more unique and special.

13. Kindle

One of the simplest but most necessary gifts for travel lovers in the 21st century. There is no need to lug around heavy books anymore with a lightweight device with a long battery life that can store literally thousands of novels, magazines, and comics.

14. Action Camera

Almost everyone has a smartphone these days, and each generation is capable of taking sharper images and longer videos. But some travellers like to participate in thrill-seeking activities, whether it is deep-sea diving, mountain biking, or paragliding. Whatever the activity, a mobile won’t cut it in every situation without risking losing or damaging it; an Action Camera, like a GoPro, however, is portable, waterproof, and built to last.

15. Playing Cards

And last but by no means least, playing cards are one of the most timeless gifts for travel lovers. After all, you never know when you’re going to run out of battery on your phone or want some entertainment to share with fellow holidaymakers, and a pack of cards is always welcome.

Now that you have chosen the best travel gifts, it is time to put them to use. Browse our late holiday deals and find your next perfect destination.