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27th May 2019 by Dan Cross

The 10 Most Significant Travel Trends in 2019

Travel trends are changing all the time. In 2017, tourists were jetting off to the world’s best national parks with their action cameras. In 2018, winter holidays exceeded expectations.

While it is important for the travel industry to predict travel trends, this is useful information for other tourists, too. Now that Millennials are well into adulthood, they are the group most influencing tourism travel trends. And some of the changes may surprise you, and inspire you!

1. Micro Holidays

In 2019, individuals, couples, and families are starting to ditch the traditional one or two long holidays per year, and instead are opting for shorter, more frequents getaways. Our busy everyday lives are interrupted less, while we can still satisfy our innate desire to travel.

This method also allows us to see more of the world. By travelling for shorter trips, the cost is cheaper, meaning tourists have more money (and time) to travel elsewhere throughout the year.

2. “Bleisure” Travel

While lots of work can be done remotely, nothing beats having a person in the room with you; so, employees of international ventures frequently travel around the world to conduct their business. This sometimes results in long absences from home and family or passing through otherwise incredible locations. You can’t ignore work; so, instead, more people are now combining business and leisure (“bleisure”): taking their families with them so they aren’t apart so often; or booking a few extra nights in the hotel after that final meeting to make the most of a stunning destination.

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3. Widespread Recognition Technology

By storing biometric data on a passenger’s passport, and cross-referencing that with the scan of the face and fingerprint, national residents are able to pass immigration faster than ever before. Some countries even have visa agreements with one another, to make it easier and faster for foreign passengers to arrive in each other’s country (e.g. the USA and UK).

As this technology becomes more efficient and cheaper, expect to see more countries adopting it. Those security queues are about to start getting shorter, folks!

4. Healthy Eating

Teasing Millennials about avocado on toast is one of those stereotypes that’s actually quite often true; and it’s not hard to see why. It’s healthy. And healthy eating is not something which gets locked away in the garage with the car when you leave for the airport. It’s a lifestyle choice; so, naturally that lifestyle is now impacting travel trends. As tourists demand healthy options on the menu, hotels and restaurants in popular holiday destinations are responding.

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5. Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is when you get access to virtual data by interacting with the real world. This technology is now coming to tourism. No longer do you need a human guide to tell you about the Eiffel Tower or which nearby restaurant nearby is running a special deal today. Just point your phone at something and the information will play in your ear or display on your screen.

6. Stargazing

Between Elon Musk sending his car into space, Richard Branson promising space tourism within a few years, and NASA’s and ESA’s recent successes, space is seeing one of its most popular revivals since we (well, the Americans) put a man on the moon. While most of us can’t afford to fly into space just yet, we are opting for the next best thing; gazing up. Locations without light pollution at night are seeing more bookings at hotels and hostels, and Airbnb home owners are even purchasing powerful telescopes to entice guests.

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7. Better Customer Service

Some businesses and traditions are immune to tourism; and, honestly, we think that’s kind of charming! However, some industries definitely not immune are hotels, restaurants, and adventure activities. These businesses rely on the tourist trade, so they must respond to travel trends. With the rise of accessible, intuitive rating websites, like TripAdvisor, customers can read reviews with the click of a button. Thus, it doesn’t pay businesses to be rude, cheap, or unsafe anymore. If they want your business, they need to guarantee good customer service in 2019!

8. Dog-Friendly Travel

In 2019, more Brits than ever before are wanting to take their furry, four-legged friend on holiday with them. And the industry is responding as the number of dog-friendly Airbnb stays and hotels is on the rise.

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9. Eco-Travel

We mentioned this in our “11 of the Best Travel Words and Phrases of 2019” piece, but it is too big to ignore on this list. Eco-travel, or environmentally-friendly and sustainable tourism, is travelling with the planet and its inhabitants’ health in mind. A few years ago, a travel trend started to emerge where holidaymakers wanted to be as environmentally neutral as possible, to ensure they didn’t overcrowd or overburden a destination with their tourism, and to learn how they could help the planet, be it by volunteering on holiday, or bringing greener ways of living back home. This trend has only gotten stronger with each passing year, and is one of the most dominant travel trends this year.

10. Personal Experiences

Finally, more holidaymakers are looking to get something more valuable out of their holiday than wonderful memories and photos. They also want a personal, unique experience; be it through learning a new skill, volunteering to help a local community, or enrolling in a spiritual, creative, or physical activity to connect with the self in a deeper, more meaningful way. Now that’s one souvenir you can’t put a price on!

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