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14th October 2019 by Dan Cross

7 of the Top Vegan Travel Destinations

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From 2014 to 2018, the number of vegan Brits quadrupled and the movement is showing no signs of slowing down. This trend is repeated across the planet, particularly in wealthy countries where alternatives to animal products are easier to come by. Consequently, more and more tourists are engaging in vegan travel: desiring to holiday where they can avoid animal-based food while enjoying a nice selection of delicious restaurants and dishes.

Yet, while this movement is growing rapidly in wealthy countries and cities, some places continue to champion meat-based diets, either out of tradition, preference, or necessity. Thus, travelling to these locations is a little tricky if yours is a plant-based diet.

Fortunately, veganism is worldwide and places are increasingly becoming havens of choice and taste for plant-based diet advocates. Here are some of the best vegan travel locations around the world to help you choose your next holiday destination.

my late deals vegan travel

Barcelona, Spain

The majority of Europe’s major cities are embracing veganism, including London and Paris. But one of the most surprising destinations to do so is Barcelona. After all, the country is famous for its traditional meat-based dishes, chorizo sausage, and Spanish-style ham. Yet, in 2016, Barcelona declared itself a #VegFriendlyCity and the number of vegan restaurants, pizzerias, bakeries, and grocery stores has been steadily rising ever since.

Eating recommendation: Dolce Pizza y Los Veganos is a small but charming pizzeria and cafeteria with 100% natural, vegan, and environmentally friendly ingredients. The menu includes tofu hotdogs, lentil hamburgers, pizza and pasts dishes, and artisanal desserts.

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Jamaica a ready-made vegan travel destination owing to its Rasta population already favouring plant-based diets. For instance, banana fritters are a healthy substitute for pancakes, spinach soup is popular throughout the Caribbean, and Jamaican Callaloo is the local equivalent of kale and often prepared with onion, tomatoes, pepper, garlic, and thyme. Even the tasty jerk recipes, frequently associated with meat in the UK, are vegan and healthy, using cauliflower and similar vegetables as substitutes.

It’s never been easier to be vegan and healthy while sunning yourself on a tropical beach!

Eating recommendation: Mi Hungry Whol’-Some-Food offers a huge range of vegan pizzas, burgers, pies, and fresh juices, with locations in Kingston and Ocho Rios.

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my late deals vegan travel

Mumbai, India

Proof that veganism is spreading on a global scale exists in the variety of options available in Mumbai, one of India’s most populated and sprawling cities. A few years ago, asking for a vegan option would likely have meant receiving a small piece of lettuce and a shrug of the shoulders. Now, Mumbai boasts over 100 dining locations for vegan travel holidaymakers.

Eating recommendation: Ankshita Veg Restaurant in the Fort area is primarily vegetarian but with plenty of vegan options—and staff are friendly and will ensure you are only served plant-based food. It’s also incredibly cheap, making this a great place to eat if you want to fill up on just £2-3 per meal.

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Lisbon, Portugal

Like Barcelona, Lisbon is another European capital quickly embracing vegan travel, only on a much larger scale. The city has more than 20 vegan cafés, restaurants, and eateries to choose from, most of which have popped up in the last few years. Considering Lisbon has a population of approximately 500,000, that’s an impressive 1 vegan eatery for every 25,000 citizens.

Eating recommendation: Lisbon Vegan Restaurante is well-reviewed, offering a buffet-style selection of tasty vegan foods throughout the day. The cosy spot is surrounded by great transport links, so it is easy to arrive. Furthermore, there are other options nearby if you want to consider other vegan choices.

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my late deals vegan travel

Chiang Mai, Thailand

If Lisbon’s 1 vegan eatery per 25,000 citizens is impressive, then consider the choice on offer in Thailand’s Chiang Mai. The city population is just 130,000, yet it boasts more than 40 vegan restaurants and cafés; that’s 1 vegan eatery for every 3,000 people. This is largely because the city has a reputation for attracting eco travellers owing to its beautiful and natural surroundings.

Eating recommendation: We recommend one of Mai Kaidee’s vegan cooking classes, where you will learn to prepare raw, tofu, and soy-milk recipes. However, if you prefer someone else does the cooking, enjoy delicious fried veg at Ama Vegan Kitchen.

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Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City is considered a serious rival to Lima as one of Latin America’s centres for world-class dining cities. Whichever is your preferred spot, Mexico City is winning the race as the better vegan travel destination. Better still, most of what gives Mexican food its bright colours and distinct flavours come from vegan ingredients; so, traditional food makes the transition extremely well.

Eating recommendation: Street food is some of the best and most authentic food one can eat in Mexico, and Por Siempre Vegana Taqueria is absolute proof. This small stand is on the corner of Chiapas and Manzanillo, outside of a Chinese restaurant, yet its vegan tacos and desserts are rated as the best in all of Mexico City.

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my late deals vegan travel

Turin, Italy

Like Barcelona, Turin declared itself a vegetarian city back in 2016 (the first in Italy), going so far as to print a ‘veg map’ of all the local veggie eateries and grocery stores. They also have a Meat-Free Monday as part of their determination to improve animal welfare, people’s health, and the planet’s environment.

This city in northwest Italy is a vegan travel dream for its message and motivations, and it doesn’t hurt that its elegant architecture and spectacular setting have seen some refer to it as a Paris in the Alps.

Eating recommendation: L’Orto Café is a vegan coffee shop and perfect for a quick (yet savoury) bite to eat. Or dine at Mezzaluna for a more atmospheric and elegant experience.

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