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My authentic homestay experience in Madagascar

[A homestay: When you spend time on your travels lodging in the home of a local person, or family.] I always thought it would be a really cool thing to do, a homestay.  I’m an adventurer. One f...

18th June 2018
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Sustainable Soujourns – Tips to offset your travel footprint

Developing countries and remote destinations are becoming increasingly popular, as we strive to travel further off the beaten path. Though with our adventures, we should own our responsibility as temp...

23rd May 2018
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Boozy brunches in Singapore to suit all budgets – make your lay-over count

To most, Singapore is not as much a destination as a means-to-a destination. None-the-less, you can fit one epic hotel brunch into that lay-over. Just make sure you have a rest day to recover before y...

9th May 2018
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Where to escape for winter sunshine, (minus the jetlag!)

Now we’re past the Halloween hump, “Last Christmas” is on a loop in the supermarket. That should be enough to frighten anyone onto a plane!  Therefore, why not escape the madness an...

3rd April 2018
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