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30th September 2019 by Dan Cross

The 10 Best Destinations for a Couple’s Retreat

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Choosing the perfect holiday destination for a couple’s retreat can be a difficult decision. Get it right, and you and your loved one will rediscover your passion for each other and make memories to last a lifetime. Get it wrong and, well, you might just end up doing the opposite.

So, how do you begin to make such an important decision? By browsing our list of the best romantic locations for a couple’s retreat. And no, Paris doesn’t make the list.


couples retreat my late deals barbados

A Caribbean island is the quintessential spot for any couple’s retreat, and few are more suitable than Barbados. While couple’s therapy and exclusive resorts are available, every hotel is a couple’s retreat when you’re in paradise. Stay on the beachfront and let the rolling waves soothe you and your partner to sleep, then take the short walk to the warm water to wake up in the most relaxing way possible. Explore caves and wildlife together, and dine on food bursting with flavour, all while being looked after by world experts in hospitality.

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Florida, USA

couples retreat my late deals florida

The Sunshine State is probably most famous for its theme parks, which can themselves be the ideal romantic attraction if that is what you and your partner enjoy. But Florida is far richer in nature and history. Vacation in a hotel right on the beach and cycle up and down the tree-laden Gulf Coast. Go for storybook walks in Bok Tower Gardens at Lake Wales. Swim with caimans amidst the Everglades. Or mix sun, beach, and delicious dinners with historical interest at St. Augustine, the oldest (and one of the most charming) towns in the USA.

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couples retreat my late deals greece

Couples retreats are so popular here because of the second-to-none sunsets which can be enjoyed from so many ocean-view hotels and restaurants. The food and wine are some of the best in the world. And the varied geography of the islands and the immense amount of activities, history, and culture mean there is always something which will resonate with you and your partner.

Naturally, these things also make Greece popular to other tourists. Fortunately, for a country made up of literally thousands of islands, Greece has no shortage of secluded beaches and picturesque coastline to explore in private.

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couples retreat my late deals iceland

Iceland might be land of wild nature, geothermal hot springs, and thunderous waterfalls, but it can be as adventurous or as relaxing as you and your partner want it to be. Reykjavik is extraordinarily charming owing to its small population and laid-back residents, but the real fun is outside the city.

Bathe in the Blue Lagoon while sipping drinks, stay overnight in an ice hotel, and observe breaching whales. Travelling in the summer is the best way to get around because of 24-hour daylight. However, for the ultimate romantic experience, consider another season so you and your loved one can marvel at the Northern Lights.

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couples retreat my late deals italy

From the idyllic Italian Lakes to the scorching beaches of Sardinia. And from the absurdly romantic Renaissance architecture of Florence to the world-famous canals of Venice. Everything about Italy screams the perfect couple’s retreat. Even the roads, which snake up and down the rocky coast and through the mountainous landscape, offer starry-eyed views that you and your partner will remember forever; and that’s before reaching the vineyards to indulge in some of the world’s best wine and Mediterranean food.

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couples retreat my late deals jamaica

Jamaica is another Caribbean favourite for a romantic getaway with a high number of adult-only resorts. These range in size and scope from sprawling all-inclusive hotels to quaint and romantic cottages overhanging sheltered coves. Most resorts are equipped with private pools, spas, restaurants, and offer luxury service. But if you opt for somewhere without these services, the island will still provide via its sandy shores, exciting caves, delicious street food, and party beaches.

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couples retreat my late deals mexico

Mexico’s east coast is so resplendent with hotels, resorts, and private accommodation along thousands of miles of sandy beaches, scenic coves, and stunning reefs full of marine life that it’s unsurprising that it persists as a popular holiday spot for couples. Like most destinations on this list, most resorts will keep the majority of their romantic guests occupied on site, but travelling up and down the coast will yield intimate spots away from other tourists, while journeying inland offers entirely different forms of adventure, from exploring ruinous civilisations to soaking up the rich local culture.

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couples retreat my late deals morocco

Morocco is becoming a favourite for honeymooners because it has something for all romantic tastes. From quiet couples’ retreats in the middle of the desert to the famous souk markets. And from hot sandy beaches to snow-capped mountains. Most resorts offer enough fun and romantic activities to keep you on site all day, like horse riding on a beach and fine dining with enviable views.

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St. Lucia

couples retreat my late deals st lucia

The small island of St. Lucia offers the striking setting, world-class beaches, and warm ocean waves of Barbados and Jamaica but with noticeably fewer people. Better still, the other tourists around you are unlikely to cause any disruption or bother, as they are probably on the island to celebrate their own relationship, too. After all, St. Lucia has been voted “The World’s Leading Honeymoon Destination” by the World Travel Awards a whopping eight times in a row!

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couples retreat my late deals thailand

Thailand’s tourist industry has been quietly dominating the romance market in Asia for a number of years now. Adult-only hotels have been growing in number, exclusive resorts offer anything from couple’s therapy to tantric yoga, and dreamy hotels are equipped with spas, world-class service, and inspiring accommodation. Treat your partner to a luxurious escape for relatively lower prices, where nature reaches your doorstep: from watching elephants wash and play in protected jungle, to sharing a sunset and dinner on the beach with your loved one.

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