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10th February 2020 by Algene Cutamora

Where To Celebrate St Patrick’s Day

St Patrick’s Day is one of the most celebrated holidays around the world. It is a religious and cultural festivity that takes place on March 17th, and which has spread far beyond Ireland to become popular throughout Europe, the United States and beyond. But each new country that adopts the Feast of Saint Patrick puts its own unique spin on it, meaning even experienced folk should enjoy a holiday overseas to see how the event compares elsewhere.

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If you are looking for the best destinations to enjoy this exciting festival, then read on. We have compiled a comprehensive list of the best places around the world to celebrate this special day!

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In the country that started it all, the biggest and best celebration of St Patrick’s Day takes place in the city of Dublin. Tourists and locals can enjoy the St Patrick’s Parade, which has become a tradition for thousands of people to attend. During this event, people on every street showcase their best green costumes. The opening event starts as early as seven in the morning, while the actual parade begins around eleven.


One of the most famous places in Spain where St Patrick’s Day is widely celebrated is Tenerife. According to most travellers, the celebrations and events are comparable to those in Dublin. There are green hats everywhere and beers are overflowing in tons of local the bars and pubs. Make sure to visit Catamaran Island during this celebration, especially if you are looking for St Patty’s Day parties that can last for an entire week!

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There are around 100,000 people who take part in the celebration of St Patrick’s Day in London. In fact, the city ranks as the second-most popular location for the festival in the world next to Dublin. The pubs in London usually offer discounts and promos on their beverages during this celebration, so make sure you book a location in the city centre where you will be close to the action. In Trafalgar Square, you can witness the presentations of Irish performers, as well as explore and enjoy craft and food stalls in the area.


Concerts and musical events are a huge part of the St Patrick’s Day celebration in Istanbul. Many local businesses participate in the commemoration of the feast by organising entertainment at their establishments and events are booked across multiple days to celebrate the festival all week long. Come and enjoy the inventive ways local artists and entertainers combine Irish tropes with traditional costume and shows for a truly one-of-a-kind event.

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The city of Brussels is also the perfect place to revel in the national holiday of Ireland. The embassy of Ireland in Belgium hosts various events and activities on this special holiday. However, one of the major attractions for festival-goers of all ages is the lighting of the Grand Palace of Brussels, which is spectacularly illuminated with the colours of Ireland. Like in Istanbul, the St Patrick’s Day celebrations in Brussels last for almost a week, so there is always plenty to do and see. There are also well-known restaurants, such as Le Grand Central, that allow guests to enjoy Gaelic folk music during a St Patrick’s Day week stay.

Caribbean Coast, Mexico

Playacar and Cancun, located along Mexico’s Caribbean coast, are some of the most-visited places in the world during the St Patrick’s Day celebration. Thousands of tourists fly to this destination with their friends in March to enjoy hot sunshine, warm nights, and paradise ocean and beaches. The resort owners each attempt to outdo each other by coming up with elaborate and exciting St Patrick’s Day parties and events, so take advantage by booking your stay. And if you want to go out and enjoy the bars and clubs with other festive partiers clad in green velvet and silver buckles, then the nightlife is at its peak during the weeks leading up to the big day.

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Make sure to book your stay ahead of time to your chosen destination for your St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Hotels fill up fast in the weeks either side of March 17 as holidaymakers flock to attend these incredible locations.