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22nd April 2019 by Dan Cross

10 Travel Gifts to Buy for Your Dad This Father’s Day

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All year long, dads work hard—and worry harder—to support us, however old and independent we think we become. Reward his hard work and unconditional love with a treat you can be certain he will find helpful. If your dad travels regularly or loves to take in a much-deserved holiday, then these are the 10 best travel gifts to buy him this Father’s Day.

1. Digital Luggage Scale

Once you reach a certain age and life hands you responsibilities, practical gifts become a godsend. Enter the digital luggage scale. Most airlines have different weight allowances, so depending on from where your father is jetting off, he may have more or less weight allowance that he might expect. This gift takes away the worry of any excess weight fees. There are some good manual scales, which are also cheaper; but digital scales tend to come with handy extras, like the ability to switch between units of measurement.

2. Action Camera

Most mobile phones come with decent cameras these days, and if your dad is crazy about photography, he may prefer to buy his own camera and accessories. Instead, if he likes taking photos and filming while travelling, action cameras make essential travel gifts. These image recording devices can be mounted on helmets for action shots, come with a waterproof, and can be remote controlled using your mobile phone.

GoPro is the most famous brand and their build and image quality are excellent; but consider other brands for cheaper alternatives, as the competition is quickly catching up.

travel gifts my late deals gopro action camera

3. Luggage Tag

Okay, bear with me on this one. Handing your father a luggage tag, even a nice, durable, faux-leather one, is not going to win the “Present of the Year” award. (We could have put “e-readers” on this list, but that would have been obvious, and lots of regular travellers already have one.)

Trust us! A sturdy, long-lasting luggage tag is one of those travel gifts no-one realises they need until they are stood in line at the airport check-in.

A hard-wearing tag means your father will never again have to worry about writing his address in the middle of a moving queue, balancing flimsy paper over an uneven luggage surface. And he will have peace of mind that any lost luggage will always find its way back to him.

4. Passport Wallet

Passport wallets are for much more than your passport. They essentially replace your typical wallet, with card holders, slots for money and coins, and extra pockets for travel documents, like visas and insurance; helping your dad to stay organised while travelling.

5. Electronic Organiser

Speaking of helping your father keep his things in order. An electronic organiser is the perfect gift for dads who don’t just like travelling, but enjoy their gadgets, too. Devices like our mobile phone, laptop, handheld gaming device, travel gadgets, etc. Not only can it be difficult to locate all of these things from the bottom of a bag, but they all come with their own cables, chargers, and accessories. A smart organiser will help your dad keep everything in a memorable and easy-to-access place.

6. Portable Battery

With so many electronic devices, one of the increasingly essential travel gifts for your dad should be a portable battery. A portable charger can be charged overnight and then can boost your dad’s battery power on the go; this is especially useful if he relies on his mobile for navigation when abroad and will save him getting caught out by that blinking red warning light.

travel gifts my late deals charger

7. Mobile Phone Car Mount

If your father does a lot of driving around the country, likes to take his car abroad, or fancies hiring a vehicle while on holiday, then a car mount for his mobile phone will make a wonderful Father’s Day present. This is one of the few travel gifts on this list which can potentially provide daily use if your dad sometimes needs help getting from A to B.

8. Noise-Cancelling Headphones & Eye Mask

Not only do noise-cancelling headphones offer better sound quality when listening to music, a movie on the plane or train, or an audiobook. They also serve as makeshift earbuds. If your dad travels to noisy hotels or has trouble sleeping in transit, these headphones make a wonderful travel gift.

If your dad does want these to make his journeys and nights abroad more peaceful, consider an eye mask, too. That way, when the stewards turn on all the plane’s lights all of a sudden, for example, your dad can enjoy a few more winks until he is ready to wake up in his own time.

travel gifts my late deals headphones

9. Vacuum Trimmer

Whether your old man sports a beard or prefers a clean-shaven look, he will appreciate an electronic trimmer to keep his facial hair in line. However, while electric shavers have been around for a while now, newer models are being produced with in-built vacuum suction. This makes cleaning up after shaving faster and easier, as loose hairs are sucked away insider the trimmer for him to empty later.

Your dad’s partner will probably appreciate this present just as much as him!

10. A Package Holiday

And saving the best for last; of all the travel gifts you can buy your dad this Father’s Day, why not treat him to a package holiday? Every dad works and worries hard to please his children all year round, and any father would appreciate being treated to a relaxing getaway.

Once you know where your father would like to holiday, check out our late deals and find flights and accommodation to some of the world’s best hotels and resorts.

If you’re lucky, he might even invite you along to join him!

travel gifts my late deals holiday package father's day

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