Istrian Riviera Holidays 2020

Best Istrian Riviera Holidays To Book Today

If there is one thing that you must always keep in mind, it is the importance of giving yourself a break whenever it becomes necessary. Because of this, it is crucial on your part to be considerate of your well-being. Once you notice that stress and anxiety have taken over your mind, it is best to go on a holiday trip with your friends and loved ones. Make sure to consider Istrian Riviera in Croatia as one of the destinations to choose from. There are great late deals available at this location. 


Best time to visit: April, May, September, October, November 

Average high: 32°C 

Average low: 5°C

Price of meals: 3/5

Holiday type: Island / Couples Holidays / Family Holidays / Paradise



Did you know that Istrian Riviera is one of the places that have been conquered by several ancient superpowers in the past? As such, it will not come as a surprise that this destination has received different influences from several conquering empires. All these made this place a must-visit for tourists like you! 

The Istrian Riviera is located in Croatia, and is well-known for its 250 kilometers coastline. Aside from the pristine beaches available in the area, some seaside forests and cliffs can be entertaining for adventurous travellers.

If you are the type of person who want to try something new, then be sure to include cliff diving in one of your activities in Istrian Riviera. However, it is essential to note that you must only do such a thing if there is a professional who will guide you in the process. Take note that jumping off cliffs can be dangerous, especially if you are doing it for the first time. 

One of the top attractions in Istrian Riviera is the Euphrasian Basilica. It is even considered as a World Heritage Site, which is why you should check it out when you are travelling to Croatia. There are also grand and amazing amphitheaters in the area. 


Istrian Riviera in Corfu, Greece, has a hot-summer Mediterranean climate. As such, this place has more sunny days than rainy days. 

Just like all the coastal towns, Istrian Riviera is the best destination to visit during the summer season. Tourists can get a better chance of enjoying its sandy beaches and endless watersports activities during this season. Keep in mind that hiking and cliff-diving are best done during summer.  


 Istrian Riviera is one of the best places to enjoy good food and great beverages. Make sure to spend a day or two going on a food trip adventure at this destination. A meal for two people at a mid-range restaurant that serves a three-course meal costs around €30,20 (£25,23). For coffee lovers, a cup of cappuccino costs €1,45 (£1,21). For a bottle of water, you can get it for the price of €1,41 (£1,18) while a local bottle of beer is available for €2,42 (£2,02).

Most popular attractions:

  • Euphrasian Basilica
  • Temple of Augustus
  • St. Blaise’s Church
  • Pazin Chasm
  • Roman Amphitheatre
  • St. Euphemia’s Church
  • Pula Aquarium


There are tons of beautiful places that you can visit around the globe. Make sure to visit these soon: Taormina, Crete, Paphos and Ayia Napa.

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