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Best time to visit: April, May, October, November

Average high: 27˚C

Average low: 21˚C

Price of meals: 2/5

Holiday type: Adventure / Beach / Family / Party


Off the northwest coast of Africa, this Portuguese-speaking archipelago caters to holidaymakers of different preferences, provided you enjoy basking in warm weather and consistent sunshine. Cape
Verde’s reliance on tourism means it offers a range of comfortable and well-serviced hotels, and each island provides for the differing preferences of visitors so everyone can enjoy the activities on
offer without disturbing one another.

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Sal is most popular for tourists wanting to soak up the sun on a white, sandy beach with easy access to the clear water for a quick dip. Meanwhile, if you’d rather try your hand at kite surfing or want to
ride over the sand dunes on the back of a quad bike, Boa Vista is the place to be. For those wanting to mix-and-match, taxis are available to get you from one side of an island to the other, while planes
and ferries carry passengers over the water.

Marine activities are the islands’ biggest attraction outside of enjoying the beaches. Diving, snorkelling and fishing are best enjoyed in the hot summer months, while windsurfing and
kitesurfing are at their best winter through to spring, when the trade winds are at their strongest.

Whales pass by Boa Vista in the spring and again by Sal in June and July, while you can take a tour to find Turtles hatching on Ervatao Beach from July to September.

The island of Fogo offers a beautiful desert landscape to explore and volcanoes to hike, while those of you preferring architecture and shopping opportunities might prefer to enjoy the atmospheric
and colourful Santa Maria.

Cape Verde’s inhabitants love their music and dancing and the warm nights make it an ideal time to get active on the dance floor. Santa Maria on Sal and Mindelo on São Vicente are always lively with
music around every corner, but those preferring a quieter trip will prefer to stay on Boa Vista.


Cape Verde enjoys a subtropical climate but, thanks to the trade winds from the Atlantic, the islands are usually a little cooler than mainland Africa. The hottest months are June and July, although the
“cold” months in December and January still average 20˚C. The wet season runs from August to early October and locals say the best time to visit is just afterwards, in late October and November, as this
is when the sunshine and the water are at their most inviting, while the winds help to keep you cool if you want to stay a bit more active.


A three-course, mid-range meal for two costs between CVE1,500 (~£12) and CVE4,000 (~£32), while a typical meal for one averages at a much more affordable CVE950 (~£7.50). Beer is very cheap at CVE205 (~£1.60) and coffee at almost half the price. You can pick up 0.33l bottles of water for around CVE75 (~60p).

Most popular attractions:

  • Sunbathe on the beach
  • Diving and snorkelling
  • Explore Santa Maria
  • Hike a volcano on Fogo Island
  • Enjoy water sports
  • Turtle and whale watching
  • Quad biking on sand dunes
  • Salt mines, Sal
  • Horse riding


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