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Best time to visit: May and June

Average high: 19°C

Average low: 13°C

Price of meals: 2/5

Holiday type: Resort / Romantic Holidays / Family Holidays



The long coastline of Croatia stretches over 3,600 miles. The most popular and most visited area is the Dalmatian coast, located in the southern region. There are over 70 islands and about 500 islets are found parallel to the Dalmatian coast.

The coastline is located on the western side of the country. Plenty of heritage sites can be found in the Dalmatian region, and this area is very rich in history and culture. 

Hvar Island is a popular summer resort. It’s best known for its 13th-century walls, the hilltop Spanish fortress, and the renaissance cathedral. Another popular destination is Brac Island and its white-pebble beach.  Ferries are available from the city of Split. These are just a few of the places to check out, but the Dalmatian Coast has a lot more attractions and historical pieces to see.

The main gateways to the Dalmatian coast are via Dubrovnik, Split and Zadar. There are quite a few direct flights to these gateway cities. The primary entry point to the country is via the capital, Zagreb. Numerous international flights are available and fly directly to Zagreb or any of the gateway cities.



The coast has a typically Mediterranean climate consisting of hot, dry, sunny weather during summer, and relatively mild – though sometimes wet – weather in winter.

The hottest month is July with 27 °C average, while the coldest month is  January with 9 °C average.



The traditional Dalmatian cuisine consists of fresh fish, olive oil, and vegetables. 

Several traditional dishes are also widely available within the islands of Hvar and Brac, such as Škanjate and Roasted dormouse (or pečeni puh in Croatian).

Another Dalmatian specialty is the Dolce Garbo, which consists of succulent slices of lamb innards that are drenched in a dark and thick, sour-sweet sauce. This specialty is flavoured with a combination of spices, herbs, and red wine vinegar.


Most popular attractions:

  • Sibenik
  • Kastela
  • Split
  • Podstrana
  • Brac Island
  • Hvar
  • Podgora
  • Brela
  • Podaca
  • Igrane
  • Makarska
  • Tucepi


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