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Best time to visit: May, June, July, August

Average high: 17˚C

Average low: 9˚C

Price of meals: 2/5

Holiday type: Adventure / Beach / Culture / Family / Party / Romantic


With its perfect blend of historical towns, lush forest mountains and sparkling coast, Croatia is quickly becoming a top destination for holidaymakers. While Dubrovnik’s association with TV sensation  Game of Thrones has sparked popular interest around the film locations, the country is steeped in Roman ruins and fascinating medieval history. Walking the old towns and walls of these UNESCO sites is one of the biggest draws for history lovers, while the views they offer of the surrounding ocean are spectacular in the Mediterranean summer evenings.

Despite being the more populated areas, the baroque architecture and relaxed pace of life in the cities make them feel like small towns during the day, with a wide variety of museums, restaurants and street performers to help immerse you in the local culture. Be sure to check out the distinctive Moreska sword dance! The evenings offer ample opportunity to dance and enjoy live music, though true partygoers may want to book their holiday in February when Maškare-carnival season descends across the country.

Croatia is one of Europe’s best locations for outdoor adventures and hikes, with 9% of the landscape protected. Croatia’s national parks boast terraced lakes linked by high and cascading waterfalls and
canyons, caves, trails and islands which can all be explored by foot, boat or kayak. Meanwhile, you can venture up the mountains in the north for 19 kilometres of ski slopes.

If you’d prefer to exercise your sea legs, Croatia offers fantastic opportunities for sailing along its rocky and beach-filled coastline. The country is best enjoyed by mixing land and sea, with regular stops at one of its over 1,000 islands, like Hvar, which is only an hour ferry ride from the mainland and offers guests rocky beaches to relax, clear waters to swim, and lavender vineyards to enjoy.


Croatia can be a wet country with light rain throughout the year in the interior plains, while western Adriatic coast often sees rain seasons in early spring and autumn. It is drier in the Dinaric Alps, where you can enjoy cold and snowy winters, but thunderstorms are also common. The Adriatic coast is generally quite mild with some enjoyable beach weather but watch out for the bora wind from the east which blows through the country, bringing cold weather with it.


Restaurant meals are relatively cheap in Croatia, although the price of a three-course meal for two in a mid-range restaurant will likely vary from as low as 140kn (~£16) to around 270kn (~£32). However, those after a cheaper meal can expect to pay around 45kn (~£5), though some places offer cheaper offers. Coffee is cheap at about 10kn (~£1), while beer most often ranges from 12kn (~£1.50) to 20kn (~£2.40).

Most popular attractions:

  • Plitvice Lakes National Park
  • Ancient Town and Wall Walks
  • Wine tasting and tours of vineyards, Split
  • Diocletian’s Palace
  • Dubrovnik Cable Car
  • Hvar Town, Dalmatian Islands
  • Sailing the coast
  • Zlatni Rat Beach
  • Zagreb


You can also visit other wonderful destinations in Europe such as: Lake Garda, Kos, and Amalfi Coast.

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