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Thomson Tui Holidays

TUI, formerly known as Thomson, is best known for providing top deals and promotions ideal for every traveler. It is the perfect go-to company if you are looking for an easy way to arrange your holiday or vacation plan. 

When it comes to hotel bookings, TIU (Thomson) guarantees that its team specially handpicked all properties listed on the website. There are six kinds of accommodations that you can book at the site, namely:

  • TUI Sensatori – Ideal for any traveler who is looking to stay in a luxurious hotel, filled with sophisticated and classy experiences. The hotels under this category also offer high-quality entertainment or events to guests and visitors.
  • TUI Sensimar – Perfect for couples who are excited to relax and spend quality time together. Some of the features available at these adult-only hotels include first-class dining, stunning locations, and pure relaxation.
  • TUI Magic Life – Best for people who love to stay at the beach to unwind and try exciting activities. These hotels have beautiful beachfront locations and offer top beach sports programs for interested travelers. 
  • TUI Blue – Great for outdoor travelers who are excited to go on adventures. Most of these hotels have outdoor facilities that allow guests to play with trampolines, enjoy the yoga decks, or join group exercises. 
  •  TUI Family Life – A hit for people who are traveling with kidsThese properties offer family-friendly packages and activities designed for children. Parents can also enjoy day-to-night entertainment. 
  •  Robinson – Ideal for someone who aims to find a new experience each day. The Robinsons clubs are known for picture-perfect settings and professional-grade sports activities. 

Aside from accommodations, TIU (Thomson) can also help you with your flight bookings. For the fast five years, this company has been nominated for ‘World’s Best Leisure Airline’ at the World Airline Awards. 

TIU (Thomson) specializes in providing tailor-made experiences for all its clients and customers. Whether you are looking for a quiet getaway to the lakes or mountains or an exciting trip to the cities, it will always have something for you to enjoy. 

If you want to go on a Cruise, you can also buy your tickets from this company. Its Marella Cruises have over 200 destinations to choose from. All you need to do is to select the perfect package for you. 

What are you waiting for? Explore the exclusive late deals and promotions from TIU today.

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