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Best time to visit: April, May, June, July

Average high: 24˚C

Average low: 14˚C

Price of meals: 3/5

Holiday type: Adventure / Beach / Culture / Family / Romantic




The small island of Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean Sea basks in sunshine all year round. By February, the clear blue water in its picturesque bays are warm enough to swim. But this historic island is full of legends and it is its mystical charms which truly add to its tempting allure.

Owing to its location between Europe, Asia Minor, the Middle East and Northern Africa, Cyprus has been an important trade and political centre for centuries. Consequently, the island is full to the
brim with incredible ruins and natural sites, all with their own story to tell. The Ancient Greeks believed the island so attractive that they thought it the birthplace of their most beautiful goddess,
Aphrodite, making Aphrodite’s Rock a favourite spot for tourists, especially couples. Greek and Roman ruins can be explored throughout, especially around Paphos in the west ( Check out our latest deals for cheap holidays to Paphos ), and the ancient amphitheatres are still used for late-night concerts in the summer. Crusader castles still stand strong, including the former Knights Templar’s stronghold of Kolossi. There are even ‘modern ruins’,
including the abandoned Nicosia Airport and the shipwreck of the MS Zenobia, which sank in 1980 and is consistently ranked among the top 10 diving sites in the world.

Families have a lot to enjoy, too. Climb aboard the Black Pearl at Ayia Napa ( Cheak out our Cheap Holidays to Ayia Napa ) to experience life aboard a pirate ship and walk the plank while enjoying the stunning coastline, or head to one of the
island’s zoos or waterparks for a great day out. The southeast region offers the best beaches and bays for swimming, although the Akamas peninsula to the west is one of the most exciting spots for
sailing and water sports.

Most of Cyprus’ key attractions are located along its beautiful coast, but hikers and explorers of all levels hoping for a more authentic experience should travel inland, especially to the Troodos
Mountains. The rocky landscape offers delightful walks through vineyards, panoramic views of the island and an opportunity to explore quaint, welcoming villages.


Cyprus enjoys a Mediterranean climate, so is notably warmer in the summer months. Consequently, the holiday season starts in April and concludes in October. While Cyprus receives sun all year round and a winter visit will be quieter and more authentic, the weather can be cold and many of the attractions will be closed. April and May are the most comfortable months to visit, fewer tourists
mean cheaper prices and religious Easter celebrations make it a great time to enjoy local arts and music festivals. June and July are warm but comfortable. However, from August, and often into
September and October, the heat and humidity can be stifling.


Meal prices in Cyprus are comparable with other popular tourist destinations in Europe and The Mediterranean. A meal for two will average between €40 and €50, although a relatively inexpensive
single-course meal for one can be found for approximately €12. Bottles of water rarely exceed €1 but coffee is more expensive, averaging €3.50. Beer ranges from €3 to €4.50.

Most popular attractions:

  • Kourion Ruins
  • Nissi Beach
  • Watersports and sailing at Akamas Peninsula
  • Rock of Aphrodite
  • Troodos Mountains and Villages
  • Kolossi Castle
  • Zenobia Shipwreck
  • Abandoned Nicosia Airport
  • Sail aboard a pirate ship


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