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Are you looking forward to spending quality time with your loved ones or the entire family in a wonderful travel destination? Do you want to explore the rich history or culture of a particular city or country? If you answer yes to all these, then be sure to consider visiting Sorrento, Italy soon. There are many tourist attractions in this area that you will absolutely enjoy. To grab the best late deal holidays to this place, be sure to check out the extensive list of all-inclusive holiday packages that we have prepared below:


Best time to visit: June, July, August, September

Average high: 34°C

Average low: 11°C

Price of meals: 3/5

Holiday type: Culture / Beach / Family Holidays / Couple Holidays / Rich History



Sorrento is a small town in Italy, particularly located in the southeastern part of the city. Take note that some people also call it “Surrentum,” its Roman name. You can find the oldest ruins in this area called Oscan. At the same time, you may also visit the ancient temples within the town, such as Athena and Sirens.

The easiest way to reach this area is through Pompeii and Naples. There are ferries that connect the town to places such as Ischia, Capri, Amalfi, and Positano.

What makes this place stand out from the other destinations in Italy is the presence of antique shops within the area. Any traveler will absolutely enjoy exploring local shops and checking out items that has a rich history or background.

One of the reasons why people love to visit this town is because of the luxury hotels available. These establishments specialize in providing world-class facilities and in-hotel events to all their guests. Aside from this, Sorrento is also a good place to visit for the adventurous people because of the sea cliffs scattered within this holiday destination.


Sorrento has a Mediterranean climate, which is why tourists can experience warm or dry summer days as well as mild or wet winters.

Keep in mind that the summer season in Sorrento can be short while the winter season lasts longer. If you want to stroll around the area or enjoy the beach at this Italian destination, it is highly recommended to visit during the months of April, May, June, July, and October.

However, if you prefer to check out the place during the winter days, you can still do so. All you have to do is to book an all-inclusive holiday package on any day in November, December, January, February, and March.


With several luxurious hotels and food establishments in the area, you can expect Sorrento to have a vibrant food scene. Choose the best restaurant in the area so that you can have fun for your holiday. A meal for two people at a mid-range restaurant that serves a three-course meal costs around €50,00 (£41,73). For coffee lovers, a cup of cappuccino costs €1,35 (£1,13). For a bottle of water, you can get it for the price of €0,99(£0,83) while a local bottle of beer is available for €4,75 (£3,96).

Most popular attractions:

  • Piazza Tazo
  • Museum Correale
  • Piazza Torquato Tasso
  • Villa Comunale
  • Chiostro di San Francesco
  • Via Marina Grande
  • Via Marina Piccola
  • Vallone dei Mulini
  • Sorrento Cathedral


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