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Best time to visit: June, July, and August

Average high: 28°C

Average low: 11°C

Price of meals: 2/5

Holiday type: Resort / Romantic Holidays / Family Holidays



Cavtat is a town on the coast of Croatia, located southeast of Dubrovnik. This old town is lush with Mediterranean vegetation.

The town has about 5 miles (7 km) of seawater, sand beaches, and bays, all lined up with hotels of high and luxury class. This destination has become popular and widely visited in the Dubrovnik area.

This ancient city is full of interesting history and culture, all highly noticeable from the old buildings that are remnants of the old Dubrovnik republic. Old passage areas, streets, and old amphitheatres can be seen within the area.

Flights to Croatia are available, and these fly in via the capital of Zagreb, or the gateway city of Dubrovnik.

Cavtat is located almost 6 kilometers away from Dubrovnik airport. You can hire a taxi to take you to Cavtat.



The months of May, June, September, and October are most likely to have good weather with pleasant average temperatures that fall between 20 degrees Celsius (68°F) and 25 degrees Celsius (77°F).

Warmest months are July and August, with an average high-temperature of 28°C.



Delicious meat dishes are available in local restaurants, and these dishes are prepared using old recipes, such as prsut smoked ham as the local classic. Most meat dishes are cooked on the grill and specifically, lamb is cooked over an open fire to give way for its excellent natural flavor.

Fish and other seafood are also cooked over an open fire and served with original sauces. Vegetable dishes and salads are also widely available and prepared with olive oil. Fruit desserts are also popular.


Most popular attractions:

  • The House of Vlaho Bukovac
  • Supetar Island
  • Mlini White Pebble Beach
  • Mrkan Island
  • The Ronald Brown Pathway Observation Deck


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