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Make the best out of your holidays by traveling to a beautiful destination like Parga, Greece. Keep in mind that going on a holiday trip with the people you love can help you feel better about everything. As such, it is essential to make this activity a top priority. Regardless of your busy schedule, be sure that you will still have time to bond with your friends and loved ones in a wonderful place. Check out the late deal holidays for your trip to Parga today:


Best time to visit: June, July, August

Average high: 30˚C

Average low: 3˚C

Price of meals: 3/5

Holiday type: Historic Site / Beach / Family Holidays / Couples Holidays



One of the busy towns in Greece is Parga due to the increasing number of tourists who want to explore its beauty. It is located in the northwestern part of the country and sits in the village of Kanallaki. Many people recognize this destination as a resort town.

Parga became a tourist destination in Greece because of the pristine beaches located in the area. Some of the popular resorts visited by travelers include Kryoneri, Lichnos, Valtos, and Ai Giannaki. These places became popular because of its beautiful natural environment, as well as the outstanding service provided by them.

Since this place is located near Corfu, Antipaxos, and Paxos, you can expect most of the tourists to come from the said towns through sea transportation. Parga can also be reached through land transportation, such as a bus or a car. Several buses are coming from the neighboring towns of Igoumenitsa, Preveza, and Igoumenitsa.

Aside from the beautiful beaches located in Parga, tourists like you can also visit old sites situated on the island. For example, you can check out Ali Pasha Castle. You will be surprised at how amazing this historic site is. Aside from this, you can also Panagia Chapel and Venetian Castle of Parga. Be sure to include these places in your itinerary.


Parga is well known for its Mediterranean climate. Because of this, many tourists flock in the area during the Summer season. It usually starts during the month of June, July, and August. Take note that the sun can be generous with the heat these days.

For those who want to experience cool weather, it is best to visit Parga during the coldest month of January. It is ideal to check the weather forecast for this beautiful place before you book your hotel stay or accommodation. This is the best way to ensure that you can save big on your trip.


A trip to Parga is not complete without tasting the local dishes served by various restaurants in the area. Do not leave this town if you haven’t visited the best food establishments that it has. Dining at a mid-range restaurant that serves a three-course meal for two people costs around €40,00 (£34,26). A cup of cappuccino is available for €2,88 (£2,47). A bottle of water is priced at €0,52 (£0,45) while a bottle of beer can be ordered for as low as €0,52 (£0,45).

Most popular attractions:

  • Archeron River
  • Valtos Beach
  • Lichnos Beach
  • Venetian Castle of Parga
  • Piso Krioneri Beach
  • Alonaki Fanariou Beach
  • Panagia Chapel
  • Aphrodite’s Cave
  • Ali Pasha Castle


Make sure to plan your holiday trips ahead of time. You can also consider visiting these areas: Cancun, Amathus Bay, Riva del Garda, Canary Islands and Menorca.

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