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Exploring a new town or city is one of the top priorities that you need to consider every year. Do not keep yourself engrossed with your work and business at all times. Instead, find a way to go on a holiday and visit a destination that will make you feel relaxed. One of the best destinations in Europe is Halkidiki, which is located in the beautiful country of Greece. This holiday destination is filled with great tourist attractions that can entertain you and your travel buddies. Check the great late deals for your upcoming trip!


Best time to visit: June, July, August, September 

Average high: 30˚C

Average low: -1˚C

Price of meals: 3/5

Holiday type: Beach Holidays / Family Holidays / Romantic Holidays / Paradise / Nature



Halkidiki, Greece is the perfect destination for those who want to have a good time in a beautiful paradise. This place is located in the northern part of the country and became popular because of its sandy beaches. According to statistics, many tourists visit this destination during the summer season.

There are several world-class resorts available in this destination. It is one of the reasons why the number of visitors to this place keeps on increasing every year. At the same time, Halkidiki is also home to beautiful mountainous villages and hidden coves. For those who want to have a quiet time during their holiday at this destination, there are isolated beaches that they can visit.

One of the activities that tourists can do in Halkidiki is cycling. In fact, this place in Greece is considered as a wonderful cycling destination. The best way to explore this place is through cycling, where you can easily witness the beautiful nature and astonishing landscapes. Aside from this, people can also try hiking and trekking in its mountains.


Just like most of the favourite destinations in Greece, Halkidiki also has a Mediterranean climate, which means that there are hot summers and mild winters.

For those who want to bask under the sun and enjoy the beautiful place of Halkidiki, it is best to visit during the summer season. In so doing, you can get a better view of the destination and can try out some summer fun activities designed for travelers.

The hottest and driest month in this Greek destination is April. The wettest month is March. It is ideal to check the weather update before booking a trip to this beautiful destination.


Make food trips part of your travel itinerary in Halkidiki. There are several restaurants, cafes, and resorts in the area that serve authentic Greek cuisine. Dining at a mid-range restaurant that serves a three-course meal for two people costs around €40,00 (£34,05). A cup of cappuccino is available for €3,14 (£2,67). A bottle of water is priced at €0,50 (£0,43) while a bottle of beer can be ordered for as low as €4,00 (£3,40).

Most popular attractions:

  • Ammoulliani
  • Petralona Cave
  • Kavourotripes Beach
  • Pallene
  • Xenia Golden Beach
  • Mount Cholomon
  • Agios Ioannis Beach
  • Armenistis Beach
  • Karidi Beach


There are many locations that you can visit in Europe. Make sure to book your holiday getaway to these places: TaorminaSicilySardinia, and Barcelona.

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