Top Destinations Abroad For The School Holidays 2020
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6th January 2020 by Algene Cutamora

Top Destinations Abroad For The School Holidays 2020

Taking a break from your usual routine is essential to maintain your sanity. As such, it is crucial to make time to travel to new places. Do not be afraid to visit a city that you have always wanted to see or to explore a favourite travel destination.

As early as now, try to plan all your travel activities for the upcoming school holidays 2020. Remember, the earlier you arrange the details for your flights and accommodations, the sooner you can start to relax and prepare for an unforgettable trip.

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In this article, we are going to provide you with a list of the top destinations abroad that you can visit during the school break. Choose the place that can be perfect for you, depending on your travel goals.


This Caribbean paradise has a lot of things to offer to all kinds of travellers. Whether you are going on a solo trip or spending the holidays with your friends and loved ones, Jamaica is the perfect destination for you.

Get a chance to relax at the beach while you feast on good food or great cocktails. At the same time, you can also try to unleash your adventurous side by engaging in water sports activities.

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This beautiful island is ideal for romantic holidays and family getaways. The green island of Mauritius offers pristine beaches that bring unmatched joy to all its visitors. But get your heart pumping to see the best of island’s beauty and nature by trying out some of the many daytime activities, such as diving and hiking.

Meanwhile, if you are more into nightlife activities, then Mauritius is the perfect holiday getaway because it is filled with bars and pubs. Then head back to one of the many luxurious hotels, with five-star facilities, for the best night’s sleep you have ever had.

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my late deals school holiday 2020 turkey

This place has become a favourite go-to destination for many people because of its rich history and outstanding architectural pieces. There are several preserved ruins and buildings that are more than a hundred years old – making it ideal for those who love anything classic

But it’s not all about the fascinating history in Turkey! The country also takes pride in its exceptional beach resorts that provide luxurious accommodation with easy access to warm water and rolling waves. It can be rewarding to stay at the beach as you escape from school-related pressure or anxiety.

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my late deals school holiday 2020 spain

The vibrant lifestyle in Spain is something that you have to experience during your school holidays. The country is famous for its sandy beaches, passionate music, and entertaining dancing. It is also home to old cathedrals and museums, as well as interesting vineyards, making it perfect for culture-lovers. So, whether you want to relax, explore or meet new people, there is something for you in Spain!

In fact, there is so much you can do that we recommend planning a travel itinerary ahead of time, so you can get the best out of the destinations in Spain. Explore the historic cities, quaint towns and wonderful islands of this country and start making your own story.

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my late deals school holiday 2020 greece

Go on an unforgettable adventure by checking out the various tourist attractions in Greece. Among its many idyllic islands and beautiful landscapes you can trek high rocky cliffs, swim with peaceful marine life and rest on quiet, hidden beaches or in private resorts to bring calmness to your mind, body and soul. Treat your holiday to Greece as a reward to yourself for a job well done in school or at work.

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Aruba Island

my late deals school holiday 2020 aruba island

Spend the hot and dry season at Aruba Island for an experience that you will never forget. The place is an ideal destination for group holidays. Hence, we recommend that you bring your friends along when booking your holiday package.

Aruba is popular for its white beaches, but not everyone knows that it also has old caves and man-made sites that are picture-perfect. You can plan an outdoor activity with your friends, such as climbing mountains, strolling in the park, or observing lava formations in natural locations. Be sure to check the requirements and permits before going around the island.

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Costa Rica

my late deals school holiday 2020 costa rica

If you are a nature lover who has a heart for the environment and animals, then Costa Rica should be on your list for the school holidays in 2020. This paradise is a home to a fantastic rainforest and local zoos. It enables everyone to connect with nature and be amazed by its beauty.

Enjoy white water river rafting, sunbathing and surfing at the beach, hiking volcanic terrain or nature-spotting in the mystical and wild Cloud Forest. Do whatever makes you happy because you deserve it.

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my late deals school holiday 2020 italy

The rich culture and fascinating ancient history of Italy are some of the top reasons why people keep on coming back to this place. There are many buildings and sites that have been created in such a way to combine old architecture with a modern design.

Aside from this, travellers around the globe also choose to holiday in Italy for its flavourful, local Italian cuisine. Indulge in a food trip activity with the people close to your heart.

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Make the best out of your break by visiting any of the travel destinations we have mentioned above. Keep in mind that you need to and chill so that you can recharge yourself. Invite your loved ones and friends to accompany you for your holiday trips!

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