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One of the important things to do before travelling to a new destination is to read more about the place. As much as possible, get all the information you need so that you can plan your trip ahead of time. It can also make things a lot easier for you, especially when it comes to saving big. If you want to visit a beautiful place with your loved ones, be sure to consider going to Torremolinos in Costa del Sol, Spain. There are tons of late deals uk that you can enjoy here at Explore this wonderful destination today.


Best time to visit: June, July, August, September

Average high: 31˚C

Average low: 8˚C

Price of meals: 3/5

Holiday type: Family Holidays / Couples Getaway / Beaches / Luxury Travels / Mediterranean



Torremolinos is located in the famous province of Malaga in Spain. It used to be a simple fishing village, with few people going to the area. However, it started to become famous to tourists in the last 1950s. Up to this moment, it is now a popular area for several travelers. 

Take note that Torremolinos is one of the resorts that was developed in the Costa del Sol area. It has also been known as the most-visited resorts, among others. According to the recent travel statistics pertaining to this destination, most of the tourists who frequent the area are British, Scandinavian, and Irish. 

What makes this place interesting is that its name means “Coast of the Sun.” There are also beach bars in this destination, making it the ideal place for groups of friends who want to have fun together. People can also enjoy the available watersports activities in the area.

There are also several parties available on this destination. Hence, you can see many partygoers at Torremolinos during school holidays or break. 


Torremolinos has a Mediterranean climate. As such, you can expect to experience more sunny days in this destination. 

If you want to experience the best activities and have fun exploring Torremolinos, be sure to visit during the summer season. You are going to have fun at this place, for sure! Bring your loved ones and friends. 


You are going to have fun exploring the best restaurants, gastro-pubs, and other food establishments in Torremolinos. A meal for two people at a mid-range restaurant that serves a three-course meal costs around €30,00 (£25,23). For coffee lovers, a cup of cappuccino costs €3,00 (£2,52). For a bottle of water, you can get it for the price of €0,50 (£0,42) while a local bottle of beer is available for €3,50 (£2,94).

Most popular attractions:

  • Playa de Playamar
  • Playa La Carihuela
  • Playa El Bajondillo
  • Playa de Santa Ana 
  • Playa Malapesquera


Do you want to visit other destinations in Spain? You can check these out:  Las Palmas, Malaga, Costa Teguise and Costa del Sol.


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