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About us

Planning a holiday is not always an exciting activity. Whether you’re looking to go on a solo, couples or a group trip, it can be a painful rumble getting through the billions of deals and providers out there to be able to reach the point when you finally make up your mind about best offers and book your trip. There’s so much noise out there, terabytes of unnecessary information and a myriad of ways to book your holidays, so why us…

At Mylatedeals.com, we believe in the personal and social benefit of travel. This is why we have built the technology around helping equip you with the tools and insights to make your travel selection and booking processes much quicker and more affordable, saving you time, energy and cash.


Our mission

…is to turn your booking experience into something that you enjoy and at the same time does not require you to immerse yourself into. Remember, we want you to focus on the important stuff that you should be focusing on – that is travelling by itself.


How do we make deals happen?

We work with a number of renowned travel partners and thanks to our technology we only show you the best deals from their browsers based on your search criteria. Whether your search is based on specific destinations, price ranges, holiday types, suppliers or the number of people, we have you covered!

We invite you to explore the power of quick and affordable travel by booking your next holiday trip with us. Don’t allow good deals run away from you.


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