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3rd February 2020 by Algene Cutamora

How To Write A Travel Blog For Friends

Travelling to new places, meeting locals abroad, and experiencing a different culture can be extremely rewarding. Because of this, you must include taking a holiday as part of your yearly routine. Make sure that you have time to visit a beautiful destination and let the wonders of such place offer you the comfort you need.

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Find time to share your travel experiences with your friends by starting a blog that they can check regularly. You can talk about why you chose a particular destination, how to get around the area, or tips for planning an itinerary. Check out our advice below to learn more about how to write a travel blog for friends.

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Select A Web Host

The first step is to find the right place to host your blog. There are several hosting companies available online, which is why you should take your time selecting the right one for you. As much as possible, compare the plans and fees from one provider to another to see what each one offers. If you do not have the budget to pay for hosting space, or you simply do not want to, plenty of platforms allow you to create a blog for free and the benefits you miss out on will probably not be missed.

Know Your Focus

When writing a travel blog, it is essential to think of the main categories that you want to talk about. The goal is to have an outlet where you can post your pictures and discuss how your holiday is going/went at each destination. However, you must not forget that some of your friends and family members will read the contents of the blog. Make sure to give them something interesting in every piece to keep them interested and coming back for more.

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Be Informative

One of the reasons why people will read your blog is because of the way you tell your story. Find a way to talk about your experiences while providing information that your readers will find interesting. For example, write about the local food scene of the country that you visited recently or discuss the public transportation system of a city you love. Be creative in sharing this information. And if you are not sure what will interest your readers, simply ask them!

Keep Your Blog Updated

It is best for your blog if you make an effort to update it regularly. If possible, publish an article at least twice a week, though do not let the worry of writing a blog ruin your travel experiences. However, the more you update your blog, the more people will keep coming back and love it. And if you care about your blog being read by people beyond your own social circle, updating it regularly will help to increase the site’s search engine rank.

Add The Right Media

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Aside from focusing on the text for your blog content, you must also consider the media that you will upload with each article. Sharing photos is a good way to give your readers an idea of how much fun you are having on your holiday. However, creating a video for your trip is so much better as the viewers can feel like they are with you in your exotic destinations. Do not be afraid to unleash your creative side in choosing the right media to add on your travel blog.

Share Your Posts On Social Media

Let your friends and readers know that you have a new post on your travel blog by sharing the link on your social media accounts. Be proud of your travel story and post the blog link to Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram Story, to name just a few. Aside from the link, you can also talk about your blog in the caption of any travel photos that you upload. Have fun sharing your content with the world!

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