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20th January 2020 by Algene Cutamora

8 Unique Festivals In Europe

Europe has become one of the favourite destinations of holiday goers from different parts of the world. Many people travel to the different cities and towns in Europe because of the wonders they bring to everyone. There are tons of tourist attractions to see and festivals to enjoy.

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One of the top reasons why several travelers keep on coming back to Europe is because of the festive activities and events that are celebrated in various places every year. There are tons of European holiday destinations that hold annual unique festivals about classic and modern art, folklore, culture, legend, and nature.

Worldwide Festival (France)

unique festivals worldwide

This is the perfect festival for holidaymakers craving electronic music and some good fun with friends. Many travellers come to France during the summer season to celebrate and participate in this exciting festival for disco-goers and music-lovers. The festival is held in Sète. The parties can start early in the day in this famous Mediterranean fishing town and continue at long into the night.

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San Fermin Festival (Spain)

unique festivals san fermin

The locals and tourists celebrate the San Fermin Festival in Spain for one straight week. It is an annual festival that is held in Navarra, particularly in the city of Pamplona. The opening ceremony of San Fermin is set to take place on July 6 and the event will culminate at midnight on July 14. Several events take place in Spain during the duration of this festival, including one of the countries most well-known: the encierro, wherein everyone can witness the running of the bulls.

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Lost Village Festival (United Kingdom)

This festival is perfect for people who are interested in becoming one with nature and witnessing surreal events. It takes place annually in the English countryside of Lincolnshire, specifically in the village of Norton Disney. The celebration involves interactive theatre performances from talented actors. Indeed, anyone who loves art will fall in love with the line-up of events at this festival.

Meadows In The Mountains (Bulgaria)

unique festivals mountains

The year 2020 looks set to be the best year to celebrate the Meadows in the Mountains, which is a popular annual festival in Bulgaria, where people gather in the mountains and experience the music festival together for three straight days, dancing and celebrating under the bright full moon. This year marks the 10th year anniversary of this festival; so, attendees can expect tons of surprises and an exciting line-up of events.

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Carnival (Netherlands)

unique festivals carnival

Celebrated in the southern and eastern parts of the Netherland for one whole week is the “Carnival”. Several people travel to this country to join a feast that focuses on the reversal of roles, as well as social norms. According to many travellers, this is the festival where the desired behaviour of everyone is suspended. Each one is encouraged to have fun, as long as there no laws are violated during the celebration.

Obonjan Island Festival (Croatia)

unique festivals obonjan

Another interesting festival for people who are into music, disco, and spins is the Island Festival of Obonjan, Croatia. During the festival, the island fills with partygoers who want to unwind and relax over good food and a great selection of songs. A lot of people call Obonjan the “Island of Dreams” because of the wonders it offers its guests.

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The Carnival Of Ivrea (Italy)

unique festivals ivrea

One of the most famous festivals in Italy is the Carnival of Ivrea, which is also known as the “Carnival of the Oranges”. It was established as far back as 1808 at the town of Piedmontese, in the province of Turin, and consists of over a thousand local residents taking part in the Battle of the Oranges. People travel from all over Italy and beyond to witness teams throwing oranges at each other.

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Snowbombing (Austria)

There are numerous ski resorts in Austria that participate in the annual Snowbombing Festival. Attendees of the resorts will surely have fun celebrating this snowy event, as they spend their witnessing the world’s best skiers and snowboarders. Most resorts also have their own way of making the guests feel the celebration of this festival.

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