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10th June 2019 by Dan Cross

15 Places to Visit Before They Become Popular

One of the downsides of a holiday destination becoming popular is it can become overcrowded and overpriced. That’s why it can feel magical to find up-and-coming places to visit before the crowds arrive. Here are our suggestions for the top 15 destinations to visit ASAP, before they become too famous.

Sofia, Bulgaria

sofia bulgaria my late deals places to visit

Sofia has been dubbed “the new Berlin” while simultaneously being named Europe’s cheapest tourist city. From its many markets and free walking tours, to amazing street murals and impressive parks, you need only pick a direction in Sofia and start walking; before long, you’ll have encountered a half a dozen things to draw your attention.

Jacó, Costa Rica

jacó costa rica my late deals places to visit

Costa Rica’s commitment to protecting its nature means it has been likened to visiting a one-of-a-kind, country-sized zoo. But it has long been a favourite holiday spot for US Americans, so if you want to avoid crowds, you need to travel off the beaten path. Jacó is devoid of most tourists, close to treasured national parks, has world-class surf beaches, and an exciting nightlife.

Kvarner Riviera, Croatia

kvarnar croatia my late deals places to visit

With most cruise ships opting to visit Dubrovnik and Split, the archipelago islands of Kvarner are typically disregarded. Yet, these beaches enjoy some of the best weather in the Adriatic Sea thanks to protection from forest-covered mountains which trap the sun. You’ll think you’ve taken a wrong turn somewhere on your trip to Europe and ended up in the Caribbean.


egypt my late deals

Egypt has taken a hit in tourism since the Arab Spring in 2011; actually, Egypt is safe to visit and has been all along. Those who have braved the country have reported little-to-no trouble, shorter queues, lower prices, and longer, more personalised tours on account of guides not needing to rush through droves of visitors. However, tourism numbers are rising sharply again, so visit soon!

Thessaloniki, Greece

thessaloniki greece my late deals places to visit

Thessaloniki combines the luxurious views and eateries of Santorini with the excitement, history, and culture of Athens, without the high prices and busy tourists. As Greece’s second city, it is packed with things to do, both by land and by sea, and offers, arguably, the country’s finest cuisine.

Monteriggioni, Italy

italy my late deals

Florence gets all the love in Tuscany, but what Monteriggioni lacks in size, it makes up for in rustic charm. Much of the walled hamlet is as it was from its initial construction in the 13th century, and walking the tight cobbled streets, delightful piazzas, and beneath its characteristic towers is like travelling back to the Middle Ages. The surrounding countryside is equally striking, and you are afforded a spectacular view from the ramparts which border the hilltop town.

Hampi, India

hampi india my late deals

This UNESCO World Heritage site, with more than 1,600 well-preserved ruins, including shrines, temples, and forts, has long been hard to reach, meaning it has avoided becoming overpopulated with tourists. However, flights are now available to Ballari, just 25 miles away, so hotels and campsites are undergoing long-overdue makeovers.

Valletta, Malta

malta my late deals

Malta currently enjoys all the reliable Mediterranean weather, beaches, and history of Spain and Portugal but with far fewer tourists. There is also the added benefit that English is one of its primary languages. Valletta is full of beautifully baroque architecture, interesting history, delicious restaurants, and exciting activities.

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

mexico my late deals

San Miguel de Allende is a colourful colonial town known for its creativity, artisan stores, and authenticity. Of course, the more people arrive, the more it will lose the latter and become another tourist trap. So, avoid disappointment and make San Miguel de Allende one of your places to visit in 2019.

Essaouira, Morocco

morocco my late deals

Essaouria is a charming coastal town with quiet, cobbled alleyways to explore, high ramparts to walk and take in the views, and calm harbours filled with striking blue boats to gaze upon. In one of the most exciting places to visit on the planet, Essaouria offers an opportunity to catch your breath.

Comporta, Portugal

comporta portugal my late deals

Comporta Beach, courtesy of Gustavo Veríssimo.

Just an hour from Lisbon is Comporta; a quiet escape from the busy capital which is easy to reach, surrounded by beautiful landscape, and with 13 kilometres of golden sand and warm shore. Forbes has named Comporta “the next great European beach destination”, so visit now to make the most of the peace and quiet.

Talalla, Sri Lanka

Talalla Sri Lanka

Beach at Talalla, Sri Lanka, courtesy of Sistak.

Talalla is a small yet delightful fishing village which has long gone unnoticed by tourists. But the locals have a secret; a stunning bay with a curved, sandy beach lined with palm trees from end to end. This paradise offers a rare opportunity to feel truly secluded in a tropical paradise…if you don’t count the occasional fisherman hauling in his nets.


tunisia my late deals

Holidaymakers often ignore Tunisia in favour of southern Europe or Morocco, but that’s about to change. Tourism is rapidly increasing as holidaymakers realise they can enjoy cheaper prices alongside some of the best Mediterranean weather, beaches, and resorts, as well as a wealth of history and culture to explore.

Bodrum, Turkey

bodrum turkey my late deals

This once sleepy village has recently earned the attention of luxury yacht owners looking to take advantage of the azure water, historic backdrop, and quiet but diverse restaurants serving fresh fish caught by local fishermen. The weather, beaches, history, and countryside all make this riviera a delight to visit, but wealthy tourists are driving prices up year on year.

Da Lat, Vietnam

Da Lat Vietnam

Temple in Da Lat, Vietnam, courtesy of Chris Phan.

Da Lat is a small city located in the highlands, where the cooler weather can be a welcome relief. People live a slower pace of life, surrounded by forests, a lake, golf course, and waterfalls. It is also unique for its French Colonial buildings, although with distinct interwoven Vietnam-isms.

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