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30th March 2020 by Algene Cutamora

15 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Spain

Knowing more about a holiday destination you are about to visit allows you to have more fun on your trip. Not just because you know which places and sites to see, but you’ll discover interesting cultural secrets to enjoy, from the best food to exciting entertainment. It is also a great way to start interesting conversations with the locals or even the fellow travellers you meet along the way.

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When you think of having a holiday in Spain, you probably think about its rich history and amazing culture. You may also have thoughts about the best Spanish dishes or its famous festivals. However, there is more to Spain that all these things. Below is a list of the things that you probably didn’t know about this wonderful country.

1. Siestas in Spain are considered sacred

Spanish people enjoy taking afternoon naps, which is why there are several establishments in the area that are closed from 2 to 4 in the afternoon. As such, do not expect to find restaurants that are open during this time.

2.Barcelona is home to newly restored buildings

Spain is well known for its old buildings that were restored using techniques from modern architecture. Many can be found in Barcelona, making it one of the best places for lovers of historical buildings.

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3.There are more than five languages used in Spain…

…although most speak Spanish. This is one of the reasons why it is ideal to learn the Spanish language, so that you can connect with the locals easily during your trip to the country.

4. Spain is the second-largest country in the European Union.

The country ranks second in terms of its geographical area. No wonder there are so many wonderful attractions throughout Spain.

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5. Hot chocolates are tasty in Spain.

Many thousands of restaurants and cafes throughout Spain serve hot, thick chocolates that will make any food lover smile.

6.Beers are available in fast food chains.

Unlike in the UK, it is far more common for fast-food chain restaurants in Spain to serve local or imported beers to diners.

7.Spain is home to the oldest restaurant in the world.

Restaurante Botín first opened its doors in 1725 and is located in the old city of Madrid.

8. An amusement park is located on a mountain near Barcelona.

Another surprising fact about Spain is that there is a beautiful amusement park, Tibidabo, which is located on the mountain of the same name outside of Barcelona.

9. The streets are incredibly clean.

You can spot cleaners on the streets of the top-visited cities in Spain day and night.

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10. The world’s largest tomato fight is celebrated in Spain.

There is a festival in Spain called La Tomatina, attended by thousands of locals and tourists enjoying mass tomato fights.

11.Spain is a good place to visit for wine lovers.

The wine industry in Spain is one of the top reasons why you should come to the country. The price and taste of their vintages are equally remarkable!

12.Paella is a must-try in Spain.

The country is also famous for its delicacy, paella, which is a typical Valencian dish. It is made of sticky rice, fresh meat or seafood (usually) and tasty sauce.

13. There are more than 365 festivals in Spain.

Numerous festivals are celebrated in different parts of the country every day!

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14. You can go to Portugal from Spain through a zip line.

Tourists can actually cross the border into Portugal by zip lining.

15. Spain ranks as the second-most visited country around the world.

In terms of international tourist arrivals, Spain ranks second behind France.

If you are travelling from April 2020 onwards, be sure to check the travel ban regulations in Spain before booking your holiday. 

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