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23rd March 2020 by Algene Cutamora

Advantages of Staying In Hotels (vs. Hostels)

When going on a trip to a new city or country, one of the first things most travellers try to organise is their accommodation. This is one of the essential things that must be made ahead of time to ensure that travellers can choose a great place to stay for the holiday. Location, price, amenities, service, transport links, etc. all play a part in this decision. And do they want to budget their trip by staying in a hostel or private homestay, or should they spend a little more and stay in a hotel?

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Some travellers will insist staying in a hotel isn’t a real travel experience, but who decides what your real experience should be? Besides, even with the rise of hostels and inns around the world, the hotel industry continues to grow each year and they remain the preferred choice of many travellers.

Still not sure if you should treat yourself to a hotel stay for your next trip? Allow us to convince you with these 5 advantages of staying in hotels (vs. hostels).

1. Increased Privacy

Why share a hostel room with 7 other people or a lounge with an entire inn when you can get away from the rest of the world and enjoy your own private room? Hotels provide comfort, relaxation and, most importantly, privacy, to all guests, which can be the perfect escape at the end of a long day exploring the top tourist attractions at your dream destination.

But it’s not just the room where you can enjoy extra privacy. On-site pools, private beaches, quiet bars… however you want to spend your time, whether alone or with your nearest and dearest, hotels are the perfect place to enjoy quality time abroad.

2. Heightened Security

Another major benefit of staying in a hotel on your next holiday is that you will enjoy increased security throughout your stay. Since you will be getting a private room all to yourself, there is a much lower chance of being a victim of theft or any form of violence. So, while hostels usually require you to share a room with others and the only means of securing items is (at most) a locker, hotels have private rooms, many which have in-room safes, as well as the option to keep important items and documents behind the reception desk.

3. Better Amenities

Hotels are also well known for offering great amenities to their guests. From soaps in the bathroom and chocolates on your pillow to free poolside bars and a private golf course, these are the selling points of hoteliers and what truly transforms a relaxing holiday into a luxurious escape.

On the other hand, most hostels provide a simple and basic set of amenities for their guests, such as communal showers and a shared kitchen. Naturally, rates in hostels are cheaper, but this is because the establishments offer far fewer additions to their guests.

4. Improved Cleanliness

Staying in a hotel is ideal if you prefer to stay in a room that is well-maintained and has a high level of cleanliness. While reputable hostels do their best to maintain the hygiene of their rooms and common areas, the number of guests passing through and the relatively few working staff make it difficult to stay on top of all the washing and cleaning that needs to be done. Meanwhile, hotels employ high numbers of staff to clean rooms on a daily basis and communal areas several times per day. In fact, many hotels even offer guests the option to request a quick clean up via room service.

5. Great Restaurants

Hotels also stand out compared to hostels because of the availability of restaurants or cafes within the establishments. While you may choose to explore the local eateries elsewhere, you do not need to leave the hotel grounds to enjoy a sumptuous meal with your travel companions. Just reserve a table at the hotel restaurant and you can expect the finest service and cooking.

This is contrary to hostels, as the latter usually do not have restaurants or cafes within its buildings. Instead, you will either need to go out to find somewhere to eat, or purchase ingredients in a local market to prepare yourself in the communal kitchen (assuming the hostel has one).

Save yourself the hassle and remind yourself that you are on holiday to relax and treat yourself to delights you do not normally enjoy at home. For the best treatment and service, enjoy a stay in a hotel!

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