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20th April 2020 by Algene Cutamora

How To Plan Your Next Holiday After Quarantine

At the time of publication, there is still no vaccine or medicine to cure COVID19 and many countries are currently on lockdown. As a result, the travel industry is one of the sectors that have been greatly affected by the virus and we are all having to temper our travel plans, even where social distancing is being relaxed.

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But staying at home is only fuelling our natural desire to travel. Instead of lamenting the situation, why not use this opportunity to plan your next trip for the moment when we can at last enjoy a holiday again? However, we must expect that the world will be recovering for a while, so here is how to plan for a holiday after quarantine!

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Read The News

It is essential to stay informed about the latest announcements or news about the pandemic, not just in the UK but in your target destination, as well. You need to understand when it is safe and legal to travel again, so review the news around the world frequently when choosing your next holiday location.

Follow Airline Companies on Social Media

Another smart thing that you can do is to follow the social media accounts of the airline companies you are mostly likely to need to book your flights. Most of the recent updates from these firms are posted online. If possible, subscribe to their newsletters too, so that you will be informed immediately once flights are re-opened to top destinations.

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Choose Your Companions

The next thing that you need to do is to think about the people that you want to come with you on your holiday. Do you want to travel with your partner, family members, or friends? Knowing your travel buddies ahead of time can help you come up with a better travel itinerary. It also important to consider their vulnerability to the virus. Younger people without underlying healthy conditions may be more inclined to travel earlier after the lockdown is over, while older friends and relatives might prefer to continue to self-isolate for a few more weeks or months.

Come Up with A Goal

If you want to get the best out of your next trip, we recommend setting yourself a holiday goal. Is the purpose of the trip to rest on a beach, learn to dance, visit historic sites, or to visit as many bars as possible? Discuss your goals with your travel companions while practising social distancing using online communication technology.

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Create A Budget

The next thing to think about is the amount of cash that you are going to spend on the holiday. The budget for the trip depends on the destination, the number of people who will join accompany you, and your holiday goals.Follow Airline Companies

Buy Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a boring necessity that people often overlook when booking last minute. Use the lockdown opportunity to shop around for high-quality, low-price options and make some big savings on your next trip while keeping peace of mind.

Stay up-to-date with our latest travel guidance. Read the latest posts on our blog.

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