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16th December 2019 by Dan Cross

6 Reasons to Spend New Year’s in Spain

From the exciting and world-famous cities of Madrid and Barcelona, to the all-night parties of Ibiza and the exotic beaches of Tenerife and Lanzarote, there is a perfect New Year’s celebration for every type of holidaymaker. Whether you want to relax by the sea, enjoy Spanish traditions with your family, or dance the night away, here are 6 reasons to spend New Year’s in Spain.

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1. Thrilling Traditions

my late deals new year's in spain traditions

Spain has a whole host of New Year’s traditions. Some of them may seem strange, but they are all fun and help make an exciting celebration even more memorable.

For starters, you may want to spend part of your evening in a world-class restaurant or devouring delicious Spanish tapas. After all, many places serve special menus just for the festive occasion. However, be sure to leave yourself enough space in your stomach for twelve grapes! When midnight arrives on La Nochevieja, the old night, you will need to be ready to consume one with every chime of the bell, representing each month of the coming year, while making a wish for each.

Another popular tradition is to wear red underwear to bring love in the new year. But be warned, in some parts of Spain, you need to give your underwear away for the tradition to work!

There are numerous other traditions. From drinking Cava to literally taking your first step into the new year with your right foot. Book your stay in Spain to discover them all!

2. Party in the Plazas

my late deals new year's in spain party

From Barcelona to Madrid to Valencia, Spain has no shortage of world-famous cities where you can celebrate New Year’s Eve.

The most spectacular fireworks are held in each city’s main square. That’s Plaza España in Barcelona, for example, where you should try to position yourself near the stunning Font Magica fountain, as the city puts on a light show to rival the one going on in the sky. But wherever you choose to welcome 2020, keep an eye on the locals. They know better than anyone the best spots to view the fireworks and when to arrive. So, if you see crowds heading to the main square an hour or two before midnight, we suggest you follow them.

3. Entertaining Exercise

my late deals new year's in spain exercise

Partaking in exercise while on holiday is not for everyone! But some love to get their adrenaline pumping as part of a festive celebration. If this sounds like you, then Spain has several New Year’s traditions that you may enjoy!

For instance, the Saint Silvester Road Race takes places across Spain on New Year’s Eve. There are about 200 different places that host it, with the largest and most prestigious races at Madrid and Barcelona. If you feel like working up a sweat alongside thousands of locals before attending the evening festivities, then sign up!

Meanwhile, if you are planning to holiday at any coastal town, they will probably have a New Year’s Day swim planned to welcome in 2020. Now, you might outside the UK, but Spanish sea temperatures at winter can be just as cold as back home; so, we hope you are feeling brave!

4. Family Festivities

my late deals new year's in spain family

One tradition we deliberately did not mention above is one that deserves its own special mention. New Year’s Eve in Spain is widely seen as a family affair. Many people do go out and party the night away, but not before spending quality time with family. If you are travelling with your own family, or staying with the relatives of a friend, then make sure to enjoy some family time at some point throughout the evening.

There are also plenty of family-friendly events around Spain. For instance, many towns in the Girona area have begun a tradition of Living Nativity Scenes. Actors don costumes and props to act out key Biblical moments. While a predominantly Christmas event, the Living Nativity Scenes often continue to display until the arrival of the new year.

Wherever you holiday in Spain, check with the local tourist board or your hotel ahead of time for family-friendly events. Make sure you do not miss out on anything exciting going on!

5. Snowy Season’s Greetings

my late deals new year's in spain ski snow

Naturally, New Year’s means it’s winter in Spain, which means the snow is at its best for anyone who wants to hit the slopes and ski or snowboard their way into 2020! Resorts across the Pyrenees and the Sierra Nevada organise annual New Year’s celebrations. Many ski resorts start as early as noon, like Spain’s Formigal, which has DJs, torchlight processions, and firework displays.

6. Exotic Environments

my late deals new year's in spain exotic

Holidaying in Spain does not mean you have to limit yourself to mainland Spain! For all-night parties on a beach, guaranteed warm weather, and the chance to welcome in 2020 by waking up on New Year’s Day to swim with sea turtles, swap the Mediterranean for the Atlantic by booking your stay on one of the Canary Islands.

Alternatively, head to the Balearic Islands. Enjoy the ultimate New Year’s Eve parties at Ibiza or a calmer, more cultural evening on Mallorca.

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