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3rd September 2018 by @emilerossouw

Festivals Still to Come in Europe in 2018: Where, When & How to Get There

We’re well into summer now and many of the world’s biggest festivals are already underway. But there is still time to book an autumn getaway and enjoy some of Europe’s best and most interesting events.

Late summer and early autumn is the perfect period to combine your love of travel and music. The weather is still delightful in September but the end of the holiday season means travel deals are cheaper. It is also the time when some lesser known but thrilling events are held around the continent for festival-goers of all types.

BPM Festival (Portugal)

BPM Festival Portugal

BPM stands for ‘Bartenders, Promoters, Musicians’. It was originally designed as a landmark for bringing together the service industry professionals in celebration of their work. In the last decade, the festival has grown to become the ‘must-attend’ meeting point of DJs, producers and revellers. You will enjoy a four-day electronic music event, which will completely revamp your music senses and give you the opportunity to pay a visit to a wonderful summary Portugal.

Where: Portimao & Lagua in the Algarve region, Portugal

When: 20 September – 23 September

How to get there: Fly to Lisbon, which is easily accessed from numerous tourist spots in the UK, including London. Portimao is 2.5 hours by car from Lisbon.

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La Mercè (Spain)

La Mercè in Spain

Why restrict a festival to a single site when you can party across an entire city? La Mercè is Barcelona’s largest street party and celebrates the end of summer and the beginning of cooler weather (if you have experienced a hot Spanish summer, you’ll understand why this is something to be celebrated). Families are welcome at this good-feel event which takes place over five days and is full of colourful costumes, parades, dancing and fireworks.

Where: Barcelona, Spain

When: 21 September – 24 September

How to get there: Direct flights are frequently available from numerous UK airports to Barcelona. Just don’t rent a car for this festival; the streets will be too full to drive it!

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Ibiza Rocks (Ibiza)

Ibiza Rocks

Photography By Elliot Young www.eyphoto.co.uk. Source: ibizarocks.com

Ibiza is probably the biggest party island in the world, so there is no more suitable way to close out the summer season that with the biggest pool party. Every year, Ibiza Rocks host the ultimate pool party where guests dance alongside the pool, floating on top of it and, inevitably, swimming in it. The event is held throughout the summer, but there is no bigger celebration than the last one of the year.

Where: Ibiza Rocks Hotel, Ibiza, Spain

When: Until 25 September

How to get there: Planes to Ibiza fly from London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow and Newcastle. Ibiza Rocks Hotel is located on Carrer Cervantes.

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Oktoberfest (Germany)


Source: YouTube

Arguably one of the most famous festivals, Oktoberfest is celebrated around the world. However, there is no better place to enjoy the 16-day event than in Munich. The city attracts over 6 million guests annually and while beer drinking is encouraged, it isn’t mandatory and families are welcome. The huge beer halls are jovial party centres with brass bands, singing and dancing, while the city hosts numerous pop-up amusement parks, concerts and live entertainment.

Where: Munich, Germany

When: 22 September – 7 October

How to get there: Direct flights are available from numerous UK airports.

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