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25th November 2019 by Dan Cross

Things to Do at Night While Travelling

Holidaying to an exotic location is always exciting. Whether it is for several days, weeks, or even months, we get to soak up the warm sun at the beach, enjoy hours touring lush nature or interesting places, and interact with exciting people.

But then night descends, and many of us are at a loss for what to do with ourselves.

‘It’s been a long day,’ we say. ‘I’m going to hit the hay.’ This is especially common amongst solo travellers. Or, if we’re travelling with a friend, we might assume that the only reasonable night-time activity is to go clubbing.

For many, the truth is that we simply assume there isn’t much to do after sundown. But holidays by night can be just as exciting as by day; you just need to know where to look! Here are some thrilling things to do at night while travelling.

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Go for a walk!

my late deals things to do at night walk

Our first recommendation is often overlooked for its simplicity: go for a walk! It’s tempting to think it is safer to stay indoors when the sun goes down. After all, you’re in a strange new place and not entirely sure where are the safe (and unsafe) areas of your holiday location. But so long as you stick to the well-lit, well-populated places, you’ll be fine!

Walking a place after sundown is a great way to clear your head, get some perspective on the day, and view a whole other side to the city. From evening buskers and light shows to simply seeing the same sights but lit up at night.

Do a night tour

my late deals things to do at night tour

The best way to have an entertaining evening, meet people, and learn something is to do a night tour. Almost every major city has at least one, and many are free or entirely tip-based. Try a standard one for some funny and interesting stories as you navigate the location, a ghost tour if you fancy a few spooky tales, or a bar crawl if you want to drink the way the locals do.

Visit a museum

my late deals things to do at night museum

Like the night tour, this entry depends on where you are spending your holiday, but visiting a museum one of the best things to do at night while travelling if there is one nearby. Many museums stay open late, sometimes until 8, 9, or even 10pm. For a cultured evening, slowly pace around a fancy building while appreciating beautiful artwork or historical artefacts.

Eat something delicious

my late deals things to do at night eat

The most popular thing on our list of things to do night while travelling must be eating delicious food! However, even as one of the most universally loved activities, it can be tempting to eat in the hotel, resort, or block after sunset.

But people often overlook a fountain of knowledge right under their nose: the receptionist at the hotel/resort. Usually, these people are locals, speak English, and know all the best places to eat. So, ask them where is delicious, fun, and affordable.

And don’t rule out street food or night markets either. These places usually do better food than restaurants, cost a fraction of the price, and are highly social occasions where everyone eats and drinks together in the street.

Read or write

my late deals things to do at night read

There is nothing wrong with eating alone! And with solo travel on the rise, it seems more people are realising this fact.

However, Western cultures place a stigma on eating in public alone, and it’s hard to forget that, even while relaxing on holiday.

But you can remove any worry or concern about people staring at you drinking a coffee in a café or eating a meal alone by taking a book with you. Use the quiet time to read or write. Keeping a travel journal can be highly cathartic, too, so taking some time in the evening to write is a wonderful use of the twilight hours.

Attend a show or event

my late deals things to do at night show

Rather than going off to a club to listen to the same music you can hear anywhere in the world, why not look for alternative entertainment? If you’re in a city or a tourist town, chances are there is plenty of entertainment.

Throw on your nice clothes and take in a theatre show. Head down to the music bars to catch a gig. Grab some popcorn at the local cinema. Or simply wander the streets and admire the many street performers and musicians.

Go to a bar

my late deals things to do at night bar

Going to bars, clubs, or casinos to get drunk is something many do on holiday, but sometimes for the wrong reason. Unless your sole intention is to party, then staying out late and drinking every night is going to affect you the following morning and may stop you enjoying some other activities.

But you also need not avoid these places completely. Going to a bar is a great way to sample some local food and unique drinks. You can also speak with some residents of the area or enjoy an evening with fellow travellers.


my late deals things to do at night relax

Last, but by no means least, is simply to stay in and relax! While this list highlight things to do at night while travelling if you want to do something, never feel that you must do something. This is your holiday, and if you feel like staying in with a good book, a movie, or getting an early night, then that’s precisely what you should do!

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