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17th February 2020 by Algene Cutamora

5 Tips To Learn Spanish For Your Next Trip

Spain is one of the most visited countries in Europe and the number of holidaymakers is increasing year-on-year. But only a small percentage of the population speaks English, especially once you head out to the smaller towns and villages. Therefore, getting around is a lot easier when you can talk to locals in their language. It also makes you a more appealing tourist and your hosts are likely to be more helpful and let you in on local secrets.

At the same time, being well versed in the Spanish language can also help you establish instant connections with your fellow travellers that you meet on your trips. Speaking another language serves as a great ice-breaker and allows you and the people you are travelling with to indulge the local culture in a more meaningful and respectful way.

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So, if you are planning to make the most out of your trip to any destination in Spain, it is best if you would make an effort to learn how to speak some Spanish. Here are out tips to help get you started.

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Find An Inspiration

The first step to take is to motivate yourself to start the process of learning a new language. Learning a language is a marathon, not a sprint, so it is important to be clear why you want to learn and to have attainable goals and expectations. For example, watch online videos of people who have succeeded in studying the Spanish language and listen to what they have to say about the opportunities it has opened for them. You can have those opportunities too! Use their success to stay motivated.

Do Not Focus On The Vocabulary

This may come as a surprise to you, but the reality is that you must not put your focus on learning Spanish grammar, especially if your main reason for learning is to travel. Sure, it’s important, but locals will be forgiving of the complexities of their language, so long as they can at least understand what you are trying to say. So, instead, focus on learning the common, everyday words, so you can begin speaking with people as soon as possible, even if it is just by using broken sentences. Anyway, you’ll get there eventually, so there is no need to rush the process. Otherwise, you’ll just end up putting unnecessary pressure on yourself when, in reality, you are progressing well.

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Listen To Someone Speak

One of the most effective ways to learn the Spanish language is to familiarise yourself with how locals use it. Find time to watch Spanish movies, so that you develop an ear for accents, pick up common phrases and learn important slang. Another option is to include Spanish songs in your music playlist. And consider joining a local language exchange meetup in your town or, if you are already travelling, enrol in a local language school. The more you practise speaking with people, the faster you will learn.

Find An Online Teacher

If you are looking for a fast and convenient way to learn the language without cancelling your travel plans, then the best option that you should take is to find the right teacher. However, some local schools can be expensive, if they are present at all; it all depends on where you are travelling. Fortunately, there are now thousands of individual and organisational professionals who offer language teaching services online for those who want to learn the Spanish language. While a face-to-face class can be great, it means you have to stay in one place until your course is complete. An online teacher can travel as far as you want to go and still be there to help you improve.

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Visualise Yourself Speaking In Spanish

Imagine yourself talking or conversing in the language. How do you feel afterwards? We bet it makes you feel excited and eager, right? Do this every day to stay motivated and keep your end goals in sight, then learning Spanish will start to feel like an exciting hobby and attainable objective, rather than a daunting chore.

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