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30th December 2019 by Dan Cross

20 New Year’s Travel Resolutions for 2020

2020 is upon us! From all of us at My Late Deals, we hope you enjoy a wonderful New Year’s Eve and have your resolutions planned, so you can make the coming year as successful and joyful as you want it to be! But resolutions can be for anything, and if you hope to travel more, then we have the perfect list to inspire your coming holidays! Here are 20 New Year’s travel resolutions for 2020!

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1. Pack lighter

You don’t need five pairs of shoes or a different outfit for every day of the week. Pack lighter so you can travel comfortably and further.

2. Say yes to new experiences

Challenge yourself to say yes much more this year and you will probably travel overseas before long. Say yes to that trip you want to take. And say yes to new experiences while enjoying your holiday. If you end up embarrassing yourself or eating something you dislike, at least you will have experienced something new.

3. Trust that you will be fine

It’s easy to watch the news and think the world is a scary place, but most people are kind and friendly, especially when travelling. Trust things will work out and you will soon feel confident trying new things and visiting new places.

4. Get lost

Try to resist the urge to plan every minute of a trip and allow yourself to wander off and explore. It’s the best way to uncover local secrets.

my late deals travel resolutions 2020 get lost

5. Learn the local language

While wandering around is a great way to experience the soul of a place, it’s helpful to be able to speak to people if you cannot find your way back to your accommodation or need help with public transport. Prepare yourself by learning a few key words and phrases.

6. Eat like a local…

More often than not, the best places to eat are actually the cheapest. Of course, the tour companies and hotels will suggest the expensive tourist favourites, but the locals know where to find food that is delicious, fresh and affordable. So, follow them and eat where they eat!

7. …and talk to them, too

While you are eating beside the locals, strike up a conversation. People are more willing to open up and welcome you if you attempt to engage with them. Who knows what hidden gems they will reveal for you to enjoy away from the other tourists?

8. Save for a trip… and book it as soon as possible

The best way to guarantee you fulfil your travel resolutions of 2020 is to ensure you actually travel. Create a savings pot exclusively for a holiday and save as often as you can. Once the money goes in, do not remove it for anything else. And as soon as you hit your budget, book the trip!

my late deals travel resolutions 2020 save

9. Visit the place of your dreams

In fact, why don’t you make 2020 the year you finally visit your dream destination? Enough excuses! Let’s go for it!

10. Try somewhere new

Alternatively, if you like to visit the same place again and again, consider somewhere new as one of your travel resolutions for 2020. You can always revisit your favourite spots again someday, but perhaps you will surprise yourself and find somewhere even better!

11. Explore your backyard

You don’t even have to go away to explore somewhere new. So often, we dream of visiting faraway lands that we forget to seek out incredible places and events closer to home, telling ourselves we’ll always have time to do it later. Well, now is the time to see the things nearby that others from across the country and the world must book a holiday to come and enjoy.

12. Keep a travel diary

Definitely one of our strongest recommendations is to keep a travel journal in 2020. There are many reasons to do so. For instance, just buying it is enough to encourage you to take a trip, it will keep you organised and entertained, and there is no more personal a souvenir to bring home.

my late deals travel resolutions 2020 explore

13. Make friends abroad…

It’s easy to get lost in your own relaxation when indulging in an all-inclusive resort or while reconnecting with nature. But try not to shy away from getting to know the people staying in your accommodation or enjoying an activity with you. These fellow holidaymakers also love travelling—and to the same places as you—so you already have something in common. Chances are, there are many more things you will enjoy together and you may end up making a friend for life.

14. …and consider a travel buddy

To take the previous point one step further, consider a travel buddy as one of your travel resolutions in 2020. Sharing your holiday experiences with a friend will help you feel safer and bolder, and your trip will be even more memorable.

15. Enjoy the journey as much as the destination

Rushing from one site to the next only generates stress and means you might miss unexpected but exciting events around you. Slow down and enjoy the moment.

16. Try a new type of tourism

Do you typically prefer to backpack? Then, why not challenge yourself to a relaxing holiday on the beach? Maybe you prefer to go to cities where you can shop and be around people, but perhaps a nature holiday might allow you to discover something new about yourself and the world. There is nothing to stop you enjoying the holiday you know you enjoy later, so challenge yourself to experience a new type of trip once in a while.

my late deals travel resolutions 2020 journey

17. Enjoy some weekend escapes

A holiday overseas does not always have to be something that lasts for a week or more. One of our suggested travel resolutions in 2020 is to take more weekend trips away. Visit somewhere with lots of sites in close proximity or an all-inclusive resort by a warm beach, and two or three days will feel as revitalising and thrilling as any other escape.

18. Swap souvenirs for experiences

Can you think of any souvenirs from a previous trip that you would rush back inside a burning building to save? What about gifts other people have brought you from their own holidays? We wager its very few, if any. All that time shopping for gifts could be spent experiencing something new and special. It’s memories and moments that form the perfect holiday, so maximise your time making them and reduce time buying objects for the mantlepiece.

19. Organise your travel photos

Previous decades had one distinct advantage from using analogue cameras: you had to develop the film before you could see the photos. This meant that you then had a pile of photos to do something with, like putting them in photo frames or an album. With digital cameras, we take thousands of photos across the course of a holiday, promising ourselves we will do something with them when we get home. Only, we never do! We all know how much brighter a home looks with photos on the walls, how happy memories evoke happy emotions, and how reminders of travel make us want to travel again. So, print your photos and keep on enjoying your trip long after it’s over.

20. Treat yourself

This final resolution encompasses the spirit of all the others: treat yourself! No-one knows you quite as you do, so no-one else can give you exactly what you need to rest and revitalise like you. Whether you believe we have one life or many, we are only on this world, in this form and at this time, for a brief period. Make the most of every minute and put yourself first for once; enjoy the perfect holiday in 2020!

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