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23rd December 2019 by Dan Cross

Top Travel Trends of 2020

The new year has almost arrived and with it comes new travel trends: 2018 was the year of solo travel; 2019 was the year of vegan travel; what does 2020 have in store for us? On the one hand, advancing technology looks set to make our holidays more worry-free and convenient. Meanwhile, a common theme among the travel trends of 2020 is that family generations will connect like never before. As we book our trips around the world to unique, off-the-beaten-path places, 2020 might just be the year of personalised travel.

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Cash-Free Travel

my late deals travel trends 2020 cash-free

Pre-paid travel cards have been around for a while and have meant we can travel abroad without having to worry about carrying too much cash or paying unseen exchange fees at cashpoints or tills. But now there are companies like Revolut to make this even easier. While technically a bank, Revolut is a financial tech company that will provide you with a cash card that can be used exactly like an ordinary debit card, and it is accessible in the same places, too. Best of all, it offers a fee-free exchange on most currencies. So, you no longer need to worry about organising money before a trip. Simply order your Revolut card, load it up with some cash, and travel without ever feeling concerned about finding an ATM, paying hidden bank fees or having money stolen!

AI Travel Assistance

my late deals travel trends 2020 AI

AI really started to take off in 2019 with the rise of chatbots and smarter personalisation based on user behaviours. Well, one of the travels trends of 2020 is that this technology will now be used to improve the travel experience by tailoring it to your personal tastes and preferences. TripAdvisor will use your history of restaurants you have liked in the past to suggest eateries you will enjoy in your new destination. Airbnb will automatically find you deals in cities you have always wanted to visit. Countless other sites and apps will monitor events around the world and suggest you attend the ones you are most likely to enjoy.


my late deals travel trends 2020 veganism

We have already mentioned that 2019 was the year of the vegan. But things are about to kick into high gear in 2020 as the rest of the world catches up. This time last year, vegan restaurants were popping up in cities all around the world to cater to eco and animal-conscious travellers. However, now the traditional hotels and restaurants have conned on to this trend, you can expect to see 2020 being the year when vegan options appear on almost every menu.

The Road Less Travelled

my late deals travel trends 2020 second-city

Two of the travel trends of last year were to enjoy unique experiences and to contribute positively to the holiday destination (e.g. via volunteering or eco-friendly travel). This looks set to continue in 2020 as holidaymakers are willing to avoid over-visited sites in exchange for lesser-known spots. Also known as “second-city tourism”, this travel trend will offer busy sites some much-needed tourism relief, help boost economies in other locations, and enable holidaymakers to enjoy fewer queues and more genuine and fulfilling experiences.

Slow-Motion Travel

my late deals travel trends 2020 slow-mo

Perhaps in response to how busy and chaotic everyday life has become in the modern era, holidaymakers are reacting in 2020 by adopting slow-mo travel. Instead of trying to visiting as many destinations as possible in each holiday, tourists have expressed a desire to take things easier and to enjoy the moment. Not only will travellers spend longer in one place, so they can get to know the locals and their culture more intimately, but slow-mo travel will extend to moving between destinations, too. Expect to see more Instagram photos on old trains and rented bikes this year!

Multi-Generational Travel

my late deals travel trends 2020 grandparents grandchildren

The travel trends of 2020 look to be extremely socially positive. But perhaps the most charming of them all is that travel companies are expecting a rise in the number of holiday bookings by grandparents taking their grandchildren abroad. Over 70% of grandparents have said they feel young when spending time with their grandchildren and have a desire to go on holiday together, while a similar proportion of parents have said they would encourage such a holiday so they can enjoy some alone time.

Adventure for All Ages

my late deals travel trends 2020 adventure

But older generations are not only going to be babysitting grandchildren on holiday in 2020. Adventure travel has been a consistent allure over the past few years, but it seems the appeal of mountainous hikes, river rafting, and surfing has rubbed off on all generations. Approximately 50% of ALL travellers now say they want a more adventurous holiday this year and that adventure travel can be enjoyed at any age. Furthermore, 2020 might be the year we see gap years switch from being associated with young adults to the elderly, as high numbers of retired people have said they plan to take an extended break abroad.

Ancestry Travel

my late deals travel trends 2020 ancestry

In 2019, millions of people around the world ordered at-home DNA kits to discover their genetic ancestry. Airbnb took this one step further by partnering with 23andMe to uncover their varied ancestral histories and then propose travel experiences in the homelands of their bloodlines. With people continuing to seek unique and personal holiday experiences, expect this form of tourism to flourish throughout 2020!

Remote Working

my late deals travel trends 2020 remote working

And finally, greater connectivity and the rise of the gig economy means that more people work (or can work) remotely than ever before. While our lives are busy and it can be challenging to afford an extended break sometimes, it is easier than ever to work from a beach in the Caribbean or a spa in Goa. In 2020, expect to see more people tapping on their laptops in the hotel restaurant before heading out to relax by the pool or explore nearby historic sites.

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